1. This is the kind of news we need right now! This speaks volumes about how they are being raised. Way to go, kids.
    💕 💕💕💕From Bamfield, BC.

  2. “There’s no candy.”
    “We need to fix that.”
    “So I put candy in it.”

    Ah yes. So simple. Yet so complicated to many.

    1. @robert bentley …I’ve seen at least 30 videos of kids dumping the whole thing in their bag. Probably your kids huh?

  3. that comes from upbringing, their parents should be proud that what they taught their children made them the way that they were at that house.

  4. Great kids who think of others, not just themselves. Maybe there’s still a sliver of hope for this society???

  5. Awww… kind western hearts…. It’s a metaphor for equalization. A little bag of chips for Manitoba, a bite size Snickers for each Atlantic province, and a full size Hershey bar for Quebec.

  6. About 10 more stories a day like this from across the country and Canada might be able to feel a little better about itself. Some days it feels like we’re living in the worst country on the planet.

  7. Those trick or treaters were so sweet & cute as the buggens just so heart warming kids awww!!!!!🇨🇦🕊️✝️💯💯💯💯

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