Cawthorn loses in North Carolina; Oz, McCormick too close to call in PA | USA TODAY

The race between Dr. Oz, who was backed by Trump, and businessman David McCormick is still too close to call in Pennsylvania's GOP Senate primary.

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While Tuesday's big primary day ended in the defeat of controversial Rep. Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina and win of controversial GOP candidate Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania's GOP gubernatorial race, the Keystone State may be headed toward a recount for the GOP Senate primary featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Oz, backed by former President Donald Trump, and businessman David McCormick, were separated by less than 1 percentage point, with conservative commentator Kathy Barnette in third, for the Pennsylvania GOP Senate nomination.

The winner faces Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who won the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania, despite the fact that he suffered a stroke just a few days ago.

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    1. Didn’t you vote for Biden? Then what are you talking about? The whole planet is laughing at you

  1. I don’t know if all the charges against Cawthorne were true or not, but his explanations for some of those damning videos were weak and he was a potentially massive time bomb for the GOP and better left out of the race. This is a shame in some ways because photogenic candidates usually do better than ugly ones, but there is a limit and if the charges about some of the lies he told and his performance at school is true, then he should never have been a representative in the first place no matter how photogenic he is.

    1. @Vicky P Wow!! You must know something the rest of us don’t!! Why did he get married to a girl in the first place? Was it just a mistake and he hoped he could change? Anyway, the problems with Cawthorne were more than his sexuality. If it was simply a case of rejecting him for his sexual preferences, then you are right. The LGBTXQ crowd would have a legitimate complaint, but it is more than that.

    2. @Habitacion 101 He was grossly “imprudent” again and again. This wasn’t a single indiscretion.

    3. @SpaniardsR Moors I don’t know the answer but perhaps some sort of very simple intelligence test for people at least 21 (preferably 25) years old. We need to know that voters have a level of maturity and some knowledge of issues before they vote. After these flawed elections lately, we don’t even know if the voters are alive and American residents!!

    4. @Mexican Highlife
      Those photos were imprudent.
      To my knowledge that’s his only mistake…but it got worse when he couldn’t explain.

    1. @Scigirl what does that make you? Being in denial that brandon is actually doing a good job as president?

    1. @benjamin cornia The hand running over thing is nothing new and in fact the basis for the origin of hand-i-capped.

    2. @CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior. No, Maddie Cawthorn, the lying, closeted, drives on a suspended license, tries to sneak loaded guns on commercial airliners guy.

    1. @Russ Maddox Yeah because politicians are such good people… They’d never have cocaine orgies…

  2. I’m going to get hours of my life back by not having to hear about Cawthorn’s latest F up. It is stunning that he just needed to find another 1,500 votes.

    1. Guess he didn’t learn anything from Brandon. Should have had some phantom votes in hand.

  3. McCormick wins the recount, he wins the gen. Easily the best candidate. Oz is another story, all kinds of problems.

  4. I’m the words of Cawthorn himself, ” na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.” 👋

  5. Glad to see this guy lose cause he thinks he above the law. How come he don’t get charged with a crime when he brought a gun to the airport wtf. This is why guys like these need to be arrested and charged always

  6. Something about Cawthorne losing doesn’t seem like it’s a good thing. Wasn’t there something where congressmen were asking him to go to a club and he was going to expose them? Reminds me a lot of The Batman scarily enough

  7. When he started to tattle on the actual goings on in the republican party (sex and drugs), they made sure to get him out of there.

  8. He’s a strange dude. Am not sure how he was allowed to be in a position to get elected the first time.

  9. Cawthorn wasn’t doing anything for his district so why should he get a paycheck of 180k from the taxpayers? At least the good people of NC have some sanity left.

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