Challenges face models who want more inclusion, diversity to fashion | USA TODAY

Models Bri Scalesse, Raven Schexnayder and Nicole Denise Johansson shared why diversity and inclusion belong on the runway during fashion week events.

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Raven Schexnayder went viral on social media after she shared a video of the hair nightmare she had as a model for Frederick Anderson. The 21-year-old documented how her coily textured hair was ignored by stylists who were instructed to give her a slicked-back ponytail. Ultimately, she walked down the runway with afro texture in the front and a silky hairpiece in the back that failed to blend.

"I don't think that only Black people should touch my head or anything. … (But) if you don't know how to do curly hair, you need to educate yourself, because I'm not the only Black person in the fashion industry," Schexnayder says.

She adds that the stylists did not have any products indicating that they were prepared to deal with Black hair. Hiring talent without people to accommodate them puts the onus on them to come prepared to do more labor than their job description — a shared experience between runway models and Hollywood actors highlighting that white beauty standards are the blueprint and everyone else is an "other."

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    1. What you’re saying is the other 50% of all models still are that same skinny wave with pale skin that we have been watching model clothing for a century and you’re saying “oh come on it’s only half of all modeling that refuses to accept anyone else.”

      And I bet you don’t see your bias

    2. Frizzy hair mixed chIck- this is specifically pointing out that they are not white people

      And I bet you don’t notice that

    3. @Twilight Gardens presentations Nowadays most models aren’t skinny blond white girls like they used to be, which is good. If anything the racially ambiguous mode is the most sought after nowadays.

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