Chang: Murders out West Linked to Scamming | TVJ News – April 25 2022

Chang: Murders out West Linked to Scamming | TVJ News - April 25 2022 1


  1. Chang are what ever his name is.. he takes everything so so easy it’s not funny.. always have a smile on his face.. way too layed back if you ask me.

    1. He will have a job no matter how poorly a job he does is why and tis the big issue with government.

    2. Man jus wear curruption proudly it seems nothing nuh trustable abt him. They need to remove him he has done a very poor job

  2. What will the police do on reporting a stranger person that is no law that is reckless of him to say so. Who reporting that can be seen as malicious for a legal stand point

  3. As a nation, as a people, we need a do over. So much bad mind, so much greed, so much self-hate. From the top to the bottom.

  4. Dr. Changs’ analysis linking murders to scamming out west is far too late. Even my nine-year-old grandson has known that since he was five. Still, one of the biggest obstacles in the fight against crime is politics. JLP strongholds are either untouchable or treated with kids’ gloves when the Laborites are in charge. And the same thing is true when the PNP is in control.

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