Chaos as Pennsylvania GOP state senators refuse to seat Democrat 1

Chaos as Pennsylvania GOP state senators refuse to seat Democrat


The Pennsylvania Senate's swearing-in ceremony devolved into a chaotic scene on Tuesday when state GOP senators refused to seat a Democratic member who had won reelection and seized control of the proceedings from the Democratic lieutenant governor after his objections.
Republicans in the chamber made a motion to not seat state Democratic Sen. Jim Brewster, whose narrow win in November is being challenged by his GOP opponent. The Pennsylvania Department of State has confirmed his win. The effort mirrors an ongoing push from some congressional Republicans to object to President-elect Joe Biden's presidential victory even as his win has been confirmed by the Electoral College and lawsuits seeking to overturn the results have been widely dismissed.
When Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman objected to the motion — insisting that Brewster be sworn in — the state GOP took the rare step of seizing control of the proceedings from him.
The intense sequence kicked off when GOP state Sen. Ryan Aument introduced the motion to not seat Brewster until "such time as the Senate had the opportunity for further consideration of the contest petition."
When Fetterman refused to recognize the motion, Aument charged, "It is your duty to put a motion properly before this body. If you continue to refuse to perform your duties, the Senate will proceed to replace you with the interim president pro tempore."
At the same time, Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, a Republican, approached Fetterman at the front of the chamber before addressing the body as the new presiding official.
As Corman began to speak, though, Democratic state Sen. Anthony Williams offered a fiery retort, announcing loudly: "Mr. President, I totally object to this."
"This is inappropriate. You are breaking the Constitution and the laws of the commonwealth and violating the oath of office you have actually taken. There is nothing about this day that is appropriate; nothing. We will not lay down and roll over because you got former folks on that side of the aisle. This is about Pennsylvania, not Democrats or Republicans," Williams said.
"This is not about simply winning, it's about protecting our democracy. That's what this is."
Williams can then be heard yelling, "We will not participate in this farce," as the Republican majority began a roll call to officially remove Fetterman from presiding.
Even as the motion passed, Fetterman continued to stand at the rostrum looking down on Corman before ultimately leaving the chamber when new members — with the exception of Brewster — were sworn in.
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  1. Jesus we are literally watching our country turning into a dictatorship. How and why did we allow this to get like this? This is the highest of Treason…the highest.

    1. @Linda Pryor you mean the patriots that are tired of democrats shady dealings. Shouldn’t you be making an excuse for a child molester and why it’s the child’s fault

    2. Its the culture of america. Greed. The people raise and fed these politicians. Thats the root cause. America itself

    1. Dol
      *Jesus on Dominion machines and Venezuelan elections*

      Message to John Leary

      Monday, November 30, 2020
      (St. Andrew)

      Jesus said: “My people, with this fraudulent election America stands at a crossroads. One road leads to freedom, and the other road leads to communism. You have laws on your books with each state constitution that does not allow sending out ballots to everyone. Your election had so much fraud from mail-in ballots that there was no verification that the legal voter filled out the ballot. You also had voting machine software that changed thousands of Trump votes into Biden votes. Not only is the Presidency at stake, but if all of this cheating is accepted, you could never again have a fair election. If you cannot trust your voting system, then you are no better than Venezuela, for whom your Dominion machines were used so he would never lose. Wake up America to your corrupt voting process, or you will soon be a communist state. Keep doubling your prayers for Trump to win, and for the Republican senators to win in Georgia.”


    2. Dol
      *God The Father on Mass media, What you are listening to is propaganda…*

      God The Father

      November 18, 2020

      Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I am your God – Creator of Heaven and earth. I come, once again, as Defender of the Truth. Do not depend upon mass media anymore to receive the news. What you are listening to is propaganda. If need be, the time for Truth to go underground may come. So be it. We are not there yet. Pray that your President* does not concede, but uncovers the Truth of his victory. Pray that this evil is temporary.”

      “Standing in the wings is a lineup of evil – ready to step into ill-gotten power. They have plans to trample the Constitution,** leaving those who support the Truth powerless. However, you hold the greatest weapon of all in your hearts when you pray. This weapon cannot be defeated by any technology or propaganda. There will always be My Remnant which I count on to pray and to stand for the Truth. I am telling you, this is the time in history when union in prayer is most important.”

      Read Philippians 4:4-7+

      * President Donald J. Trump.

  2. Thomas Jefferson-“The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”

    1. @Dean Hauser I’ll be more than glad to give up half so for once I can have free universal healthcare and education like all other advanced nations. You sir are just a self centered, hateful, greedy person.

    2. @Ian Reed no not greedy, actually in the lower middle class level. You should move to Europe then to get what you want. I’ve worked all my life for what I need and not dependant on the government for free anything. I’m not going to be their slave telling me to do whatever they wish. My wife’s and my health insurance is costly but I don’t expect you to pay for it and or force you to.

    3. @Dean Hauser good luck with that health insurance, who dictates who lives and dies. Watch Sicko by Michael Moore. You’ll understand then.

    4. the covid lockdowns and mask-wearing are a ruse. What is going on is totalitarian attempt to bring in the not-so-great RESET and implement a Global Goverance by the elite of the World Economic Forum. Its plain as day for those who will dare to investigate, outside of mainstream media reports. The following letter seems more like a road-map to the ‘global RESET’ being ushered in before our eyes. Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose:

      criticisms of the globalist not-so-great RESET:
      The dangers of the Deep State’s Great Re-set:

      The Corbett Report criticizes the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global RESET’:

      Bill Gates deleted documentary: Since investing in vaccines “there’s been more than a twenty to one return”:

      Meet Bill Gates the Eugenicist:

      Locking down small business but not big box stores?

      Globalists want to run the world with themselves in power. They sugar-coat it as ‘the Great RESET’: Trump is in their way.

      Twenty links regarding the Globalist ‘RESET’ which Trudeau and co. is enacting at this very moment:

  3. The Republican party has truly become the party of fascism. They will try to hold on to power no matter what the costs.

  4. This will not stop until people know there’s consequences for their behavior. Accountability is the answer.

    1. @T.J. Cunningham go check for yourself he gave a speech for his death

      proud boys is owned by a black guy

    2. @T.J. Cunningham give me names! Where do you live?! How many signatures were from people that don’t live in the state!?
      You are full of questions. I think I’m done.

    3. @Yasir Qadhi They aren’t “owned” by a black guy. Enrique Tarrio, latino. And a stand up guy. Just arrested for burning a flag at a church. No, not burning his flag, but property of the church.

      And go check what for myself?

    4. @Kris Naylor Signatures of whom? I was asking for names of a few antifa and blm rioters and looters that were arrested and immediate released.

      Feel free to ask questions yourself. I’ll answer what I can. What I won’t do is ignore, deflect, or run away.

    5. @T.J. Cunningham is that not black ? anything not white is classed as black is it not ? and check the link to your kkk supporter biden

  5. Bye bye, we don’t have time for games. Looks like a lot of available jobs on 2021. These senators need to be replace. No time for stupidity in 2021. Bye bye!

    1. When Democrats tried to undermine our democracy by claiming Russia cheated to get Trump elected. You people were silent.

    2. @Jared Stevens , That wasn’t the “Democrats” that was our National Security Team and a bipartisan investigation that uncovered that. You seem to be confusing FACTS with your internal narrative. Side note: Trump won in 2016 and we all (begrudgingly) moved on. Why, because democracy is more important than any ONE candidate. When the majority speaks we except the results whatever they may be and move on and show up to vote next time.

    3. @Jared Stevens you bet they were, they spent four years trying to out him and all their lies are being swept under the carpet. They are the ones who should be sentenced and put in jail. Imagine, four years wasting millions of dollars trying to cover their steps so we couldn’t find out and when Trump starting exposing them they worked harder on getting him out. He’ll be back most likely, maybe Trump verses Harris

  6. I would add Fox news to that decimation, they have promoted this presidents ideas from the beginning, even when they new he was lying. I’m sure Hannity, Carlson all knew how lethal this virus was but kept it from their own viewers. How low is that

  7. Trump’s farce of an impechment showed that the GOP doesn’t care for accountability or truth. This is just the continuation of that.

    1. i was not for impeachment the reasons given were dumb however these new things hes doing certainly deserve charges and i hope he goes to jail

    2. The only farce was the phony impeachment. Read the transcript. Never asked Ukraine to “do me a favor and dig up dirt on Biden.” Never discussed aid on the call. Plus it is the job of the HOUSE to make the case, the same House who subpoenaed Bolton, withdrew it, then acted liked immature crybabies when they hadn’t made their case and pretended the Senate wasn’t doing their job by not calling Bolton as a witness. The only ones never held accountable are the DEMOCRATS. They constantly screw up and then try to blame someone else.

    1. @Joe Solo those are not true Socialist Country’s, they have Social programs just like the US. Don’t be indoctrinated.
      1. Canada: Constitutional Monarchy
      2. Finland & Norway: Parliamentary Republics
      3. US: Constitutional Republic

    2. @Sargento Del Aire BTW, I’m neither left or right. I’m pro Constitution. What policies has Trump passed that do not support the Constitution or are Authoritarian as you stated? You must know because you just accused him of it?

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