Chaos at Vaccine Blitz Sites across Jamaica | TVJ News - Sept 14 2021 1

Chaos at Vaccine Blitz Sites across Jamaica | TVJ News – Sept 14 2021


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  1. The whole of Jamaica would already be vaccinated if the administrators were properly organized. The government complains that people don’t want to get the vaccine, but getting the vaccine in Jamaica is made too difficult.

  2. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost no iunclean thing will enter the people need to REPENT THEY R LOOKING TO THE. LIEING DEMONS TO SAVETHEM COMETO JESUS OUR SIN IS SEPERATE US FROM GOD.

    1. These people will not take responsibility for their actions all they do is point blame. The vaccine has
      been in the island since March so why they are all creating such havoc and indesipline. Its not the government fault they had the opportunity to be vaccinated and they refused. Them too disgraceful.

    1. Foolish they are .but is fool be lead by fools .If the head sick all is sick . When Gideon father the head every body sick .Until God tell Gideon what to do to deliver him and his family .To broke the father wicked alter .He told him break it down burn the woods and build a new alter ,not with the old wood ,but with new for the true God to deliver them . Jamaican need new alter for God of true God leaders . A man or woman after God’s own heart .God himself must find and will find.If our leaders don’t find their way back to the true God .Out of sweet well can only come sweet water .Their action is shown darkness and they need back light for life .more darkness won’t do it .It’s Jesus the way the true light ,LIFE.

  3. I’m a healthy person but my BP went up watching this! Mr Holness n admin please get it together…call in for help if needed..this absolutely not acceptable! So sorry for all those that could possibly get sick from no social distancingpraying for Jamaica.

  4. Jamaica is a reactive Country. Since y’all follow everything America does; be proactive and utilize science, empirical data, and strategy when organizing these events that is surrounded by panic and chaos.

  5. These people are talking at the crowd in a condescending manner, when they are the foo ls that did not organise the thing properly…tsk, tsk.

  6. Just so you all know, the UK doesn’t recognize the vaccine you all are taking.

    Each to there own, I hope thy are telling letting the people know that this so call vaccine don’t stop them catching and passing on the virus.

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