1. They forgot to block the comments section this time. Honestly this is public tv it should be illegal for them to turn the comments section off. The public should be allowed to criticize them.

  2. If you whine enough and are of a identifiable group you can get away with anything the “chief” escalated the incident and got what he deserved and should go to jail for resisting begot hurt to bad that what happens when YOU RESIST

  3. Well, there you go! Show 9 seconds of police response to 12 minutes of an intoxicated individual threatening and challenging a police officer. Might I suggest viewers take the time to watch the entire video and judge for themselves which community leader was out of line?

  4. So does that mean I can go fight with the cops and not get charged? He should be in jail he wanted a fight and he got one.

  5. Maintiens le Droit [Fr, “Uphold the Right”], the official motto of the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE. I DON’T THINK SO. How is what is going on right?

  6. Systemic racism is propaganda being force fed to you. How many times a day do you here it? Tell a lie over and over until they believe it.

    1. That’s pretty tough talk from a person that hides their name and face the way you do; and ridiculous too, given the video footage that is provided right here, let alone what is NEVER captured or presented.
      Try to think……

  7. RCMP better straighten this out. That cop needs charges brought against him. Not REASONABLE. There’s your racism RCMP. Fired and charged. Now

  8. Privilege at it’s finest, we’re entering a time when cops won’t be able to uphold charges against anyone with colored skin because ‘racism’

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