Charlie Sykes: Johnson Has Gone So Deep Down These Rabbit Holes, He’s Created His Own | Deadline

Axios national political reporter Jonathan Swan and Editor-at-Large at The Bulwark Charlie Sykes analyze the spread of disinformation from Republicans, with a look at Ron Johnson’s attempts to downplay the events of January 6th. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Charlie Sykes: Johnson Has Gone So Deep Down These Rabbit Holes, He’s Created His Own | Deadline


  1. “Trump will destroy GOP and we deserve it”
    “You can use my words against me”
    -Lazy Graham

    1. @Kevin it 100% is. First quote is during the 2016 Republican Primary, which Graham was running against Trump. 2nd quote is about Supreme Court nominees in Presidential Election years.

    2. @ER0CK 5 ok maybe he did say that about the supreme court idk. But he also said the same thing about Trump in an interview, he said” if Trump in charge of the republican party he would destroy it, and we would deserve it, mark my words” something to that effect. Regardless he basically said the exact same thing. The guy only had so many talking points. I mean it’s not like their vocabulary is very deep.

    3. @Kevin it was a tweet. He said if we nominate Trump we will get destroyed and we will deserve it. That was the tweet… Nothing about marking his words

    4. @ER0CK 5 ok whatever. So then he did say it, so what’s your point here? You just said before he didn’t say those two things together

  2. The relationship between Trump and the GOP is simple. Trump has an unerring instinct for identifying suckers.

    1. Trump’s just a professional con-man that can sell anything to the gullible and poorly educated. That’s the only reason they didn’t vote to impeach him.

    1. I wonder, maybe not brainwashed, (that’s being kind) but lowering themselves so much just for political power. Dangerous yes!

    1. He sold his soul to the devil a loooong time ago.
      You give him too much credit for being a human being with a soul.
      He recognizes it. He just has no shame left, now that he no longer has a soul.

    2. So many of these Trumpublican Senators don’t seem to realize what’s coming out of their mouth! And if we held them to what they said just prior to Trump being the GOP choice, it would amount to utter hypocrisy!

    1. @Marti San As Beau of the Fifth Column said; “If they are not held accountable for the 6th, it was simply practice”……….

    2. @Bill Soderholm : And that’s so true. I guess America wasn’t prepared for the level of traitors right in our midst.

    3. @Steve Sh You are absolutely correct. I had emailed Seditionist Johnson prior to the election and informed him of his part in this. I asked him to please stop, before incriminating himself further. He did not. His guilt is now on record in the Senate. As a Wisconsin resident, I would like him charged and put on trial for his part in this. However, it is up to the WI Legislature to take action. I doubt they will. So, now we have to see if he chooses to run for re-election. However, one possibility is if the Fed’s decide to charge former President T**** with sedition, and than charge co-conspirators.

    1. I’ve got some serious concerns about those filthy complicit, seditious GOP Senators, especially those twenty or so that ran over there to kiss Putin’s ring.

    1. I am a descendent of Phineas Taylor Barnum, through the Taylors, and he didn’t say that. He was a fascinating character, though, and a major philanthropist, he outfitted the city of Bridgeport with gas fed street lights, which was a new development. He built the library, two churches, governmental buildings, and his mansion. If I remember correctly, it burned down, my family said. When my family would get together, they’d talk about him, and other family members, who put in their time working for him. My great grandmother was alive till I was 21, she came from an era before automobiles, and was an adult when she first rode in a car. She also was a fascinating character. They Taylor’s also married into Governmor Bradford’s family, that is how my greatgrand mother came to be on the role of Mayflower families. Barnum built huge museums in New York City, and built railroads to be able to transport his circus to other parts of our country, when he put that endeavor together. He brought Jenny Linde here, and helped her become a millionairess, through singing engagements everywhere, including in European cities. There is a movie with Hugh Jackman as P.T., the movie depicts P.T as having an affair with Linde, which was artistic license, they never had an affair. Sorry for the long post.

    2. I think Barnum was way off in suggesting there’s a sucker born every minute. It’s clearly far more than that.

  3. “There’s a dark side (to Donald Trump)…and there’s some magic there.” Uh, yeah, that is what a devil or anti-christ would have, right?

    1. @Joe Malonski I’m not too convinced by any prophecies or signs, like the 666 thing, but if there is any such thing as an antichrist, it seems pretty obvious to me that someone like Trump is going to fit the bill. If reincarnation is really a thing, then Trump seems to be Hitler Reborn, the timing is exactly right, Hitler died 14 months before Trump was born.

    2. The “magic” is that he is a class A con man. Those easily conned might consider that “magic”.

    3. I called him the anti christ the day he got Russian backed elected.
      He keeps proving me right.

    4. @Unified Vision the bible, and quran describes what the antichrist will look like trump doesn’t fit the bill nor is trump loved by everyone clearly. If ones never read or doesnt believe why would one blindly attribute somthing to someone else you dont underatand? Just makes you seem crazy and untrustworthy throwing around hyperbolic claims as such.

  4. This is how the Roman Empire ended.
    This is how very similar too how the leaders of Nazi Germany went of the rails.

    1. Thomas Cole predicted this nearly 200 years ago in his ‘The Course of Empire’. The Course of Empire is a series of 5 paintings created by Thomas Cole in the years 1833–1836. It is notable in part for reflecting popular American sentiments of the times, when many saw pastoralism as the ideal phase of human civilization, fearing that empire would lead to gluttony and inevitable decay.

      A direct source of literary inspiration for The Course of Empire paintings is Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812–18). Cole quoted lines from Canto IV in his newspaper advertisements for the series: First freedom and then Glory – when that fails; Wealth, vice, corruption.

    2. Yes, I don’t feel so alone as I read these comments. But is there enough of us to change the tide? We’re not the ones who tend to be armed or to believe that might makes right. And we are up against violent and armed ignorance. Terrifying.

    3. Grammar Police: Yeah Wilco, that’s 1 o on “to” and 2 “f’s” on off. No “OOFENCE.

    1. @Juan Renfer True. He’s a combination of those animal’s worst parts with none of the good stuff.

  5. It kills me that reporters don’t bring up when he called him a ‘loon’ and a ‘kook’ in 2015. It was sitting right on the tee for him to say it.

    1. It’s spelled KOOK. And these so-called “liberal” journalists are experts at not asking Republicans tough questions of logical follow up questions.

    2. Those tapes played and replayed on various news shows months ago. Must have “dropped off” of “newer/more current news cycles”. Folks, it all comes back to us, the American voter. If you do not like your Congressional representation, VOTE them out. They recently did that in GA. It can be done again.

    1. Blue Eyes
      That was before he willingly and enthusiastically crawled up inside trump’s alimentary canal and nestled into his happy space. And he has been there ever since.

    2. Your list man. You are siding with everything wrong with America. Big tech, big pharmaceutical, the corrupt elite.

  6. Graham reminds me of the Groucho line – “I have my principles and if you don’t like them, I have others!.

    1. Racism is Trump’s magic. Remember Lindsey said blacks could vote and go about their business in SC as long as they’re conservative—and he said that just this last October (2020).

    1. Yes! That expression at 0:43 says it all!
      I’m quiet sure every sane person could read Swan’s thoughts at that point. I don’t even wanna have to imagine how (literally!) painful it must be having to watch Graham’s dumb grin and smirking and listen to his insane BS for longer than 30 seconds.
      Seriously, you would have to pay me A LOT to sit in Swan’s and just listen to a swamp creature like Lindsey instead of just trying to strangle that freakin goblin!

    2. @Craig M I hope i don’t sound rude could you elaborate please. On the BS is it Graham the reporters or pundits?

  7. I love Donald Trump’s so called “magic”. He made the Presidency, the Congress and the Senate disappear for the GOP in four years.

  8. Miss Lindsay is so lost without his friend, John McCain and it makes one wonder just what kind of person Graham actually is.

  9. Trump only has the power others give him, yet they fear him because of that very same power. It’s nuts.

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