Chauvin Attorney Suggests Floyd Told Officers That 'He Ate Too Many Drugs' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Chauvin Attorney Suggests Floyd Told Officers That ‘He Ate Too Many Drugs’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Eric Nelson, an attorney for Derek Chauvin, made the suggestion for the first time while questioning Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jody Stiger, a use-of-force expert. Aired on 04/07/2021.
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Chauvin Attorney Suggests Floyd Told Officers That 'He Ate Too Many Drugs' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @hiiamrick I’m a registered Independent. I’ve lived in NYC for most of my life. Why do you partake in such gross generalizations? Why do your sentences lack coherence….

    2. @axe863 Busy at work English Teacher. And Dealing with the less fortunate helps me pass the work day. I live in a small southern town. I bet you spend a lot of time judging others?

    3. @hiiamrick You just committed extreme generalizations and youre casting aspersions at me.

      Your statement: ” Republicans are racist that means they believe in stupid. Were your parents related?”

      You’re an English teacher…… ouch.

    4. @axe863 Republican are racist because Trump is a racist and he is their leader. All Republican may not be a racist. But all Racist are Republicans. And stop judging others. So much.

    5. @axe863 Republicans are racist because they support and defend racist. Cop are killers because they support and defend killer cops. It is that simple. English teacher..

    1. @Jonathan Jollimore how long does it take for a pill to dissolve in your stomach ? About 10 mins for stomach axis to dissolve the coating a pills. No difference from a ballon or a baggie

    2. @JJ W Your stomach doesn’t send thing in to the blood stream directly. That would be the intestines. That why when you are drinking you don’t start to get really drunk till you stomach dumps all the alcohol in to intestines where it starts to go directly in to the blood steam this is basics stuff people

    3. @Smitty Johnson They did not. Should have but didn’t. No where will you see or hear evidence that they did.

    4. Why did he leave the house and drive in that condition ? why should someone else die because of this black drug addict. I hope you and your family suffer greatly in this new world of Bull Sh*t you all love so much.

    1. @John McCain Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Google it. YouTube is iffy with links.

      “Lawyer dawg”

      The system doesn’t care. It will take whatever angle it can to try to consume you.

    2. @Leon Francis That holds true to my personal experience. Many years ago I was assaulted and fled the scene. I called the police, only for everyone involved to be charged with public disturbance, including me. They just came and charged everyone regardless of the scenario. Then the courts collected the money from the fines and court costs.

      I would have been abused by the state if I didn’t hire a good lawyer and sue.

    3. @Leon Francis
      The, “If [this and this and this], why don’t you just give me a lawyer, dog? Is not a request for counsel because it is a statement which indicates the subject *_might_* ask for counsel.

      Whereas even the statement “Maybe you should get me a lawyer, dog” would be regarded as a request for counsel.

      The judge didn’t rule that it wasn’t an actual request for a lawyer on the grounds that a “lawyer dog” is not a lawyer. And that story you were fed is fake.

      Edit: I have no problems with an actual criminal being charged. Yes, bad things do happen, and the courts are sometimes uncaring and hungry for cash, but the “lawyer dog” story isn’t an example of it.

    4. @John McCain I still see the words, “just give me a lawyer..”

      I wasn’t fed any story. I have the details that I literally just told you to go find, lol. It’s also heavily discussed by many law schools across the country.

      You don’t need to repeat the shoddy excuse or try to give it credibility to me.

      They did in fact rule he was asking for a lawyer dog, or rather they stated that what he said was so ambiguous that that could be one of the possible interpretations.

      Here’s the problem. Both the police interrogating him and judge live in Lousiana. With its massive Black population. They know the slang. They know what he meant.

      To try to pretend otherwise is downright criminal, and to sit here and attempt to enable it when law professors, lawyers, and judges across the country more versed than you or I in law have condemned it just reeks of silliness I don’t have time for.

      They used the way he spoke against him, because they knew they could.

    5. @Leon Francis I see your point. But you take words out of context in order to make it.

      I’m sorry that you feel the need to get so defensive while ignoring the facts and the point.

  1. The defense is trying to get the witness to conjure up what Floyd said, and go along with his interpretation of it. And that’s just one very small excerpt of the whole nine minutes, where Floyd said he can’t breathe repeatedly. Can’t just take one small sound bite out of context and build a case on it!

    1. They conversed in the back of the police car before they took him out of it because he claimed he was claustrophobic. He shouldn’t have lied and he would have been arrested and that would have been that.

    2. That does not exempt Chauvin behavior. He’s a police officer, he hear lies approximately 90% of his day. Therefore, his actions as a supposedly upstanding, law abiding, officer, should not have change, because of this one man lie of the day.

  2. It sure sounds like “I aint doin any drugs.” Either way it’s shown without enough context to be intelligible and should be thrown out. This seems like leading the witness.

    1. @Darwinsom I don’t suffer fools. The prosecution is so bad, the defense will call one of the prosecution’s witnesses to to testify for Chauvin. You probably follow only mainstream media and they kept you ignorant of that and many other facts.

      Here’s a general fact, Resident Biden is considering restarting construction on President Donald Trump’s Border Wall; I doubt you knew that.

    2. @Darwinsom I still believe it was out of line.. If I’m not mistaken I believe Nelson is with a firm with multiple lawyers..
      Listening today I believe Nelson is following the judge’s lead in a statement today.. Not for batum
      ” I’m only 1 person ”

  3. The truth will set you free.
    Unless you are Derek Chauvin.
    In his case, it will

  4. Ah, yes. It clearly states in the big blue book of police training that if someone being detained tells you they “ate too many drugs” they must be summarily executed on the spot.

    1. @hiiamrick “You ain’t black”, “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids” – racist biden

    2. @Smitty Johnson I am super smart. And over a half century of age. I have two degrees., a veteran and I got a few coins. It is not all figured out. But Almost.

    3. @Jonathan Jollimore NO they don’t, they watch too many movies and tv then all of sudden think they know everything about drugs and law.

  5. One of the most common interactions for police are those with people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    These interactions involve people of all ages, races, rich and poor.
    Imagine if all these interactions ended with the person kneeled on until dead.
    Derek Chauvin should have either learned how to do his job, or control his murderous hatred for black people.

    1. Funny how that’s the first time that happened to Chauvin then. George was talking pretty good for 8 minutes until that Fentanyl and meth and morphine kicked in.

    2. He wasn’t just under the influence…. he had 3 times the FATAL level in his system.

      I agree that they should of removed the knee and given aid once he was no longer a threat.

      It all could of been avoided if he did not resist arrest, it could of been avoided if he did not eat his drugs to try hide them, it could of been avoided if he was not trying to pass a counterfeit note.

  6. So Chauvin was aware that Floyd was at risk of overdosing and he still decided to kneel on his neck for 9 minutes? That’s not a good defense.

    1. @toronto daddy Lol I knew you couldn’t. You’d have to be a real dummy to believe what you said. Good for you!

    1. @ReCycle Spinning because he’s a 6 foot 6 monster who was the size of 3 cops and they were trying to wrestle him in.

    2. Please, im claustrophobic.. didnt register as a need to pause and de escalate as taught. Either.

    3. @PHARAOH bull they had him handcuffed. I really dont care if he was a drug dealer and held a pregnant woman at gunpoint .. if you can’t see this was murder. Be very careful if you get pulled over from cop. Cops are public servants and are to make the arrest. Not judge , juror, and executioners….

  7. “I ain’t doin’ any drugs” is what I heard.

    ” I ate too many drugs” is what they claim he said. If that is the case, how come medics were not called right away?

    1. @Venom Love I ain’t……… your hearing is way off. By the way listen to the whole interaction not the cut of version.

    2. @Venom Love What got me was? The paramedic actually had to ASK Chauvin to get his knee off Mr. Floyd’s neck. So he could began treatment

    3. @I love You What got me was? The paramedic actually had to ASK Chauvin to get his knee off Mr. Floyd’s neck. So he could began treatment

  8. Even with drugs in his system he didn’t deserve to be treated like he was less than human by this officer.

    1. @The Donald fk Joe AND Trump. Both are bigots and both were vehicles which heralded in the JUDGEMENT OF AMERIKKKA…. MYSTERY BABYLON

  9. Seriously, I played this clip over and over through different mediums and I didn’t hear him say he swallowed drugs. The defense is like a drowning man catching at a straw. Smh!

    1. The defense is winning. The prosecutors have done a weak job. There’s too many holes in the case. But chauvin I think so be found guilty of manslaughter because he contributed to floyd’s death by not giving him medical attention, and excessive unreasonable force

  10. It sounds like George Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. But there was more than one person speaking so it was hard to make out.

  11. They have not even got to the defense witness yet and the prosecution already looks like they can’t prove intent.

  12. I have never in my life heard someone say ” I ate too many drugs” you don’t eat drugs you take drugs. Cmon man!

  13. The defense knows what he’s doing: getting the situation muddy! Remember, he only needs to confuse one juror to deflect and the killer escapes the conviction!

  14. and yet even IF he said “i are too many drugs” it still doesn’t justify what chauvin did. someone, anyone, please let me know how it justifies what we see chauvin doing in the video. i’d love to be entertained

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