Chauvin Trial Prosecutors React To Guilty Verdict | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Chauvin Trial Prosecutors React To Guilty Verdict | The Last Word | MSNBC


Prosecutors Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why they were “cautiously optimistic” that the jury would make the decision to convict Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Aired on 04/28/2021.
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Chauvin Trial Prosecutors React To Guilty Verdict | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. I think the defense made a huge mistake and missed an opportunity in
    this trial. They rested too early. I posted in length what I think on my
    home page video. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

    1. @Jacqueline McGrath Curtis That is true. One of the alternate sergent jurors even acknowledged on the news that they were afraid of retaliation if they acquitted.

    2. @Senior Partner I dont even mind being called racist anymore. Morals are more important than their feelings.

  2. It must have irked when Nelson misrepresented the law re the burden of proof in his closing. Talk about gaslighting! Glad Mr. Blackwell sorted that and the Judge reiterated the instructions.

    1. @al ntr not correct in fact I can tell this dumb woman with a public education was gas lit by MSM and didn’t watch the trial.

  3. Anyone who actually watched the trial thought these guys were gonna lose their jobs. Defense destroyed them

    1. @iamthe partyone you’re making assertions that aren’t backed up by the medical examiner’s testimony. You’re showing your bias for information.

    2. @doirtlee that’s false, my statement is definitely back up by the medical examiners testimony as well as his autopsy report and the pulmonologist who testified and explained very clearly that drugs didn’t cause his death and the officer did. My only bias is for the facts. Ignorant sheep are confused by the facts.

    3. You’re clearly out of touch with this trial. They made Chauvin and Nelson look real bad. Stop the lies!

  4. This episode of gas light news is brought to you by Your friends at the CIA project Mocking Bird media, who would like to remind you “THAT IGNORANCE IS POWER”

    1. True! They have everyone looking at one hand so people don’t or won’t see what the other hand is doing.

  5. Don’t cheer yet. After the alternate jurors story and Mad Max’s statement he’s definitely getting an appeal.

    1. @Jeremy Gibson

      I’m not going to debate whether or not he is guilty of murder because that wasn’t what I commented on. I’m simply stating that he has a good case for an appeal.

    2. Jeremy, why do people like you keep mentioning the video? This isn’t how our justice system works. The media should start getting punished every time it reports a crime before there is a trial. The media should only report crimes after a verdict is reached. Up until that point it isn’t the media’s business nor the public’s business. If it were you on trial for something that was misconstrued by the media, would you be happy? Now did you even watch the trial? The video by itself was a tiny portion of the bigger story.

    3. This initial verdict was just to appease the mob who was ready to burn America to the ground if the “wrong” verdict was reached.

      Its better to throw this one cop under the bus than go through billions more in destruction and hundreds more in deaths.

    4. @fc1280 The juror said that the video was the most important evidence. Videos are what’s doing the cops over. That’s why cops are expected to wear bodycams. Those days of the cops word and notes overriding those of their victims are long gone.

  6. I remember watching that part of the trial, I remember thinking what a smart move it was but it was boring and a lot of commentators before the verdict were commenting about the prosecution missing an opportunity to end on an empassioned plea and questioning the point of meticulously taking the jury through a ‘template’ to structure their discussions – well I think we all know it paid off!!! well done boys! 🙂 ye did great!

    1. They didn’t have to do anything… if the jury said not guilty, they would have been murdered by animals

    1. Time to defund welfare retrain all these generational leeches to be actual human beings and contributing members of society instead of just lackeys for the Democratic Party

    2. When cops are killing people like this, yeah they’re just as much a part of the problem. Retraining is needed on both sides of the issue.

    3. Cops are the issue. You don’t go after a symptom of the issue. You go after the origin of the issue. Do better

    4. The reputation of the cops is the worst it has ever been. Only terrorists have a worse reputation. Even lawyers and used car salesmen have a better reputation.

  7. How much of the money will George’s family give to the poor pregnant lady who had George’s gun held at her stomach?

    1. @iamthe partyone Not irrelevant at all. He was the same criminal when he died that he was when he robbed a pregnant lady of her rent money at gunpoint in her own living room.

    2. @Frank Rizzo bringing up a closed case he served his time for is irrelevant and doesn’t justify his death. You can drag his name through the mud all you want but it doesn’t justify the criminal actions of the officer. The officer was the one on trial not Floyd.

    3. @Frank Rizzo the woman wasn’t pregnant ..George redeemed himself he did his time.. now let’s see if the insurrectionists that murdered the Capitol police officer on January 6th pay for their crime they murdered an innocent man..

    4. @iamthe partyone If he were serving food to the homeless after working for a living it would be a closed case. However, he died resisting arrest while on a lethal dose of Fentanyl and Meth. Guess what, being a criminal high on drugs and resisting arrest lowers your life expectancy. Go figure?

    1. It’s not about what you think is right, it’s about a fair trial. Even if that would be the outcome regardless, it was not fair and no one could agree that it was fair lol

    2. Modern day witch trail. It was like Monty pythons holy grail.

      “SHES A WITCH!”
      “how do you know she is in fact a witch?”

    1. @Vernon Hendrickson The damage begin when George Floyd was murdered his little daughter Gianna lost her father they both loved each other so much ..The new coverage was unavoidable ..Personally I welcomed the news coverage..convicted murdered ex cop Chavin shouldn’t have done the crime ..if he didn’t want to do the time…Period !

    2. @Vernon Hendrickson You’re exactly right it should’ve have made National headlines the Dallas business man shouldn’t have died it was ruled a homicide ..the police officers involved aren’t fit to police our streets they should be held accountable ..police officers shouldn’t respond to calls like that ..he had a family that loved him

  8. It’s men like these, Jerry and Steve who give hope and justice to the civilized community. Well done guys !

    1. It’s men like this who are destroying the judicial system. You cant hate Chauvin all you want, but he did NOT get a fair trial. Now most people dont care because they are into mob justice. Quite frankly they would have rather Chauvin been turned loose to a mob of antifa and BLM. But that isn’t how our justice system works. In this case, Chauvin was guilty until proven innocent. Not innocent until proven guilty. Those jurors were in no way impartial. They knew they were going to convict before the trial started. The $27 million city payout, Crazy Maxine threatening violence if a guilty verdict isn’t returned, not to mention the usual thugs who burned down Mpls before….arson, looting, vandalism….causing $500 million in damage and resulting in 2 deaths. These jurors convicted based on fear of another riot, based on pressure, based on fact their names would be revealed and they’d receiand e death threats.


    2. @Nick Jones where you there to know what the jury was thinking? Give me a break Chuavin got a fair trail. In your own thoughts buddy. Racist and don’t even realize your hatred towards people of color. White privilege is at an end.

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