Chemical plant explosion causes multi-day long fire in Illinois | USA TODAY 1

Chemical plant explosion causes multi-day long fire in Illinois | USA TODAY


A massive chemical explosion at Chemtool has caused a fire that led to families evacuating their homes in Rockton, Illinois.
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A massive chemical fire that darkened skies with plumes of black smoke over parts of northern Illinois could burn for days, fire officials said Monday.

As many as 175 firefighters from 45 fire departments responded to the fast-moving, wind-driven fire at Chemtool, a grease and lubricant manufacturer in Rockton, Illinois.

About 70 Chemtool employees and roughly 150 homes within a one-mile radius of the plant were evacuated as the manufacturing plant went up in flames.

No employees or area residents were injured, Rockton Fire Chief Kirk Wilson said at a Monday news conference. A firefighter was taken from the scene to a hospital because of respiratory problems. He was treated and released.

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