Chicago Mayor: Teacher Strike Is Over ‘We Need To Get Back To work’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Chicago Mayor: Teacher Strike Is Over ‘We Need To Get Back To work’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


Public school students will head back to class after the city and the teachers union agreed to a new contract ending an 11-day strike. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke at a press conference saying, “In the spirit of compromise we agreed,” “I think this is the right thing for our city.” Aired on 10/31/19.
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Chicago Mayor: Teacher Strike Is Over ‘We Need To Get Back To work’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

24 Comments on "Chicago Mayor: Teacher Strike Is Over ‘We Need To Get Back To work’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. A 15% raise spread out over five years still isn’t keeping up with cost of living rates…

  2. Once again, the kids end up paying the price. These children will be here after we’re long gone. I have more confidence in kids these days than adults.

  3. And these kids get a valuable lesson in how cash rules everything around them.

  4. I’m sorry but that contract didn’t do anything. Those teachers just got some incentive sure but it still doesn’t help with living wages.

    • NANCY Pelosi and the democrats rather spend your money on inpeachment thats why they cant get Anything done

    • @dark lord od rather my tax money spent investing potential crimes committed by the president, than him golfing literally every 3 days all on tax payers money.

    • dark lord
      Rather my money goes towards ending a Russian fawning corrupted presidents term and incarcerate him and his acolytes. Also Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only one calling for impeachment buddy.

    • Thats why he is going to win again in 2020

  5. Maybe she’ll get back to work actually stopping black people from killing eachother in record numbers

  6. I’m a Randian when it comes to public education and unions. I believe that all education should be private and that the only function of unions should be as fraternal, professional development organizations that can perhaps serve as wage negotiators in small markets. However, this is the system that we have. In Chicago, both parents and teachers have failed students. Parents treat school as a de facto day care and teachers have not achieved anywhere close to acceptable outcomes in terms of math and reading proficiency. A few more nurses and counselors won’t change that. Chicago teachers will continue to be the highest paid in the nation compared to their major market peers and the kids will continue to be ill prepared for the economy of today and the future because both their parents and their teachers have made a pact that does not put the children’s needs first.

  7. This mayor is trash!!

  8. The greatest threat to American Education is the teachers unions.

  9. Michael Chadwick | October 31, 2019 at 7:43 PM | Reply

    16% sounds good but I need more information. For one what’s the starting pay, also over 5 years so what will they see any increase this year or next? Are they guaranteed to see 16% by 5 years or could that change, in today’s dollars or dollars 5 years from now? Or maybe they already make enough I dont know. It doesnt seem like any news networks actualy go into any notable detail. What’s the cost of living in chicago? I hear people speak badly of teacher unions but I need to hear specifics about the cost of living in Chicago and what teachers are actualy paid. Vague statements on these issues arent enough to come to any conclusions.

  10. How do we get the do nothing democrats back to work

  11. Dems mysterious deaths=military tribunals

  12. Chicago knows dang well they got every right and reason to “fight”.

  13. They needed to strike. There educating kids and being paid like they didn’t have to be educated to be a teacher. Teacher are paid very little and have to spend there own money on items for there classrooms.

  14. Why don’t you get back to working on all the young black people being murdered in YOUR city!
    CNN/MSNBC WISTLEBLOWERS recently exposed the intentional lack of coverage.

  15. No school nurses?

  16. $800 billion for a bloated military but no money for educating our future, our kids. The election of Trump is proof that Americans need to invest MUCH MORE in education. The strength of your nation is in the health and education of the people. The US ranks abut 27th in world-wide education.

  17. Will this cut back on the murders in Chicago that no one covers?

  18. I win two schcago skools the teachsers was good learners two me i grabulated head of me klass now me is teachser in schcago skools

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