China ‘knows precisely why’ the spy balloon was over the United States | USA TODAY #Shorts

State Department spokesman Ned Price called out China for sending a spy balloon above the U.S.

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The Pentagon did not shoot down the Chinese balloon as it approached Alaska in late January because it did not pose a military threat to the United States or Canada, the top commander for defending the United States said Monday.

The balloon, which Pentagon officials said was built to spy on sensitive military sites, was shot down Saturday off the coast of South Carolina after entering the country in Alaska. Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, briefed reporters on the decision to allow the balloon to track across the United States, recovery efforts and previous balloon incursions.

The balloon captivated Americans’ attention, fueled rage on Capitol Hill and created a diplomatic rupture with China. Secretary of State Antony Blinken canceled a planned trip to China as the balloon floated over the United States.

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    1. TikTok is China’s response to the Opium Wars, when Western countries (+ Japan I think) flooded the Chinese market w opium to turn their population into zombies and resource rape their country… shoe’s on the other foot now

  1. Exactly!!! They would have done the same thing!! Only thing they would have done it alot sooner!!! 🤦‍♂️

    1. Yes. On the land that is. And that’s done intentionally. Gov’t keeps them from away densely populated areas and makes it somewhat known to everyone out there where they are

    2. The entire world literally knew where our main war heads, and significant bases were by the early 90s. By 2003 you could look it up on the internet with ease. This was clearly testing of our response and provided the recklessly bold optics, Id guarantee it was serving a purpose to communicate with a grounded spy in Canada or the U.S

    1. It’s the State Dept calling out China. If it’s “non speak” to you, then that just shows your loyalties aren’t with America.

    2. Wtf are you saying? That comment is “non speak”. The point was clearly made that we don’t buy into China’s excuses on this matter.

    3. China troll or bot?? How you making out over there ? Getting everything you could hope for from your lifetime leader ? Don’t you wish you could seal yourself into a job no one can fire you from no matter how much you suck at it ?

  2. They are just checking their latest land investments since America is literally for sale to the highest bidder now…

    1. Jared Kushner sold massive land and other US properties to many people outside the US, China being the largest buyer, during Trump’s term.

      Fun fact. Most of it in areas Trump claimed there was heavy election fraud going on.

  3. Why isn’t anyone making a fuss about Chinese investments only a couple miles from a strategic military base here in the US?

    1. Gregg Abbott just stopped China from buying Texas land. A Chinese billionaire bought 130,000 acres by a Military base in Texas. Abbott stopped it

    2. the largest pork processing plant in the US is and has been owned by…..the Chinese.

      Your bacon for the last decade has been slowly turning you into a communist sympathizer

    3. @Jeff Korb Exactly! There’s a list that I read with all the companies owned China in the US, including bacon!

  4. It did happen. And we weren’t even over PRC airspace. They sent a fighter that clipped our aircraft’s engine. They forced us down and held our aviators captive.

  5. If the shoe was on the other foot that balloon would have never made it above china’s land. It would have been shot down before it hit the beach.

  6. It’s like when we saw the enfeebled, clumsy military misadventures of Russian in 2008 in Georgia; this is an encouragingly weak show by China.

  7. A clear signal from the PLA.
    “We can sneak up on you with a balloon and drop a nuke on your missile silos.”

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