China’s new foreign minister issues warning to the US

China's new Foreign Minister Qin Gang warned that "conflict and confrontation" with the United States is inevitable if Washington does not change course, delivering a stern and wide-ranging rebuke of US policies for his first press conference in the new role #CNN #News


    1. Since you had NATO, how many smaller countries have been bullied or even invaded?
      Wars are disasters for all ordinary people, unless you are one of the warmongers.

    1. @Katalist I have never seen USA invading a country with good democracy, human rights and freedom. Maybe if the world didn’t have so many dictators the USA wouldn’t have to work so hard.

  1. Chinese foreign minister spoke about the relationship between his country and Russia in the tune of a positive and a successful example in foreign affairs that delivers permanent prosperity and happiness globally 😂😂
    for real, I strongly urge him to re evaluate his stances !

  2. China can also say that it wants nothing to do with the war between Russia and Ukraine, that it does not intend to supply arms to Russia, demand that Russia stop playing at war, and that it does not intend to to attack Taiwan. Then America will also begin to temper their concerns.

  3. Remember when we were told by President Bush to treat China with kid gloves because confrontation is not the Chinese way? What a load of shirt that was.

  4. The story from our daughter who was a Peace Corp volunteer in Zambia, was this: The local villagers did not have friendly attitudes and talks to the Chinese mine workers. Why? The answers:
    -Unresentful behaviors to local people due to their skin color.
    -No respect for local long-term environments and their habitats.
    -Influence the local officials to bend the rules.
    – Stop selling AK rifles and B40 grenade launchers to warlords.
    Till China overcomes all of those obstacles and have better public transparent communication, the world communities could believe China as one of the reliable leading countries.

  5. The balloon crisis could have been avoided by not flying it into the air at all! They should have notified the United States and Canada of its existence and direction towards two sovereign nations outside of China but they didn’t do that!

    1. The hobby balloon that F22 shot down with 2 missiles flew around the world 6 times probably over China and Russia too. 80% of the thousands of weather balloons of various types get blown off course daily. They are cheap way for weather surveillance. There are cameras, transmission devices, batteries and solar panels on board. The China weather balloons had limited maneuverability.

    2. @VK RGFAN No, they did not. Only when the USA called them out on a giant balloon, which could be seen from ground.

    3. @Ken Roy Then show me just one, yes just one example of a USA balloon that could be seen from ground.

      Otherwise, your just making this stuff up.

  6. I listen to shortwave radio. During English programming all they talk about is the US and Taiwan and how horrible that relationship is.

  7. Bluster and bravado are dangerous for those that use it as a substitution for genuine policy. It backs the user into a corner of reduced options that eventually will require hard action lest the threats become empty and considered “standard issue”… a paper tiger. What you are witnessing in part, this projection by the Chinese, is directly inverse of their fear of confrontation and a “mad scramble” as a direct result from being ill-equipped to define policy, define protocol because it does not exist. The behind the scenes footage would paint a rather disorganized and frantic if not cobbled-together picture of their response based upon a rather empty play book of genuine and thought-out strategy. That the ccp repeatedly boxes itself into limited options is as a direct result of not allowing themselves to ever admit a mistake in that, admission of such would create a perceived lack of leadership and subsequent panic amongst the largest population on the planet through “no confidence”. Tight corner to be in…dangerous for all of us when lack of logical thought has such a heavy trigger finger of consequence.

  8. They talking out they neck ignore them. Smh it’s always the finger pointers and accusers that have a guilty conscience

  9. We need to adjust our manufacturing of essential goods as if they are no longer going to trade with us. It will take years so we had better get crackin’.

    1. @kay armstrong Everyone in the upper midwest has been saying it for decades.
      I agree, buy American…but 90% of everything made of plastic in Walmart/Dollar General type stores come from somewhere in Asia. So start with tech stuff and work our way down to packaging.

    2. @Chet Isanhart Maybe tech and medicines and then work our way down. You and I could rule America!!! lol…

  10. Tb real transparent here, I don’t think we can deny that our top goons in the WH has been really having fun with its power tones. China sound like a kid that just got tired of being bullied.

  11. i can’t wait for two super powers to engage in an all-out military confrontation, it would be fun to watch.

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