Chinese leaders slam Nancy Pelosi for Taiwan visit | USA TODAY

Chinese leaders slam Nancy Pelosi for Taiwan visit | USA TODAY 1


    1. @Bruce Price I don’t think so, like seriously, she has a different perspective every other people.

    1. But that would disqualify Trump as well. Many people won’t have that.

      But yes; retirement at 65 or so, in order for new generation of leaders to gain experience.

    1. @22uces Patriot Warrior obviously he wasn’t working alone, corpos we’re almost definitely telling him to send our industry to the PRC. But he was the one who could do it, not the corpos. He did what he was told, and he is still responsible for it. Just because they are orders doesn’t mean you have to do them

    2. @Razor ramon El jefe its a really big cultural difference between how China/Mexico views their workforce as to how the united states views it. its a 10 hour conversation, that can not be compressed to some youtube video comments that easily.

    3. @snipman 80 indeed. And even if he wasn’t, a stop to it could have been done. Trump tried, oh well…

    1. Cause she and her friends stand to gain financially securing semiconductor business for all the companies she’s invested in which ALL rely on semiconductors of which Taiwan is the largest global producer.


  1. So all she is doing is avoiding questions about her husbands insider trading and we the tax payers are footing the bill for this bogus trip.

    1. she has to make sure it will profitable. that’s why she’s there, to make sure they produce quality computer parts and maybe to pick up an extra piece of luggage that happens to stuffed with cash….

  2. I thought she was there on a business trip; at the tax payers expense. I’m feeling the diplomatic crap is fake news and lies.

  3. Oh no they condemned us what ever shall we do 😭😭😭.
    Anyways *flys back undisturbed to the United States

  4. You know, making threats and posturing means nothing if everyone knows you aren’t going to follow through on any of it.

  5. Everybody’s just watching on the edge of their seats waiting for China to make the move if they do we will suffer as well because in war there are no winners but only losers and the cost of life will be great but at the end the politics will not care everybody remember when we pulled out of Afghanistan .

  6. China should really take care of their banking situation before they can even think of threatening another country, especially when they got no teeth in their threats.

  7. China’s 🇨🇳 anger is bogus.
    – China cannot use her visit as a pretext for military exercises of *illegal blockade* around Taiwan.

  8. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, landed in Taiwan on Tuesday (August 2) evening, ignoring Chinese.

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