Chinese spy balloon spotted over Montana, Pentagon officials confirm | USA TODAY

The spy balloon is currently floating at an altitude where planes don't fly but would be shot down if it posed a threat to civilian aviation.

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A Chinese spy balloon has been spotted drifting over the northern United States, and Pentagon officials have considered shooting it down, Defense Department officials said late Thursday.

The decision not to shoot down the balloon was made because of concerns that debris could injure Americans on the ground or destroy property, according to a senior Defense Department official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity.

The balloon was over Montana when the U.S. considered destroying it, the official said. It would be shot down if it posed a threat to civilian aviation, the official said. It is floating at an altitude where those planes do not fly.

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  1. It’s a network intrusion gateway. It has been observed conducting network intrusions against U.S. government entities, the defense industry, law firms, information technology companies, mining companies, and non-government organizations

    1. Plausible theory. I hope we can bring it down to examine it for deadly pathogens or radioactive materials, before it is destroyed. Does it have any stored data? Aren’t we in the middle of a record breaking chicken flu outbreak?

  2. I would feel safer if my government took the security of my nation just a tad bit more seriously 😳. But nah they don’t care…

    1. Please post a video of the security breach at your trailer park and all valuable property taken by the balloon.

    2. In 1993 was the first attempt to blow up / bring down the World Trade Center,

      *In 1997 a public television station did a whole documentary on why the World Trade Center did not fall that day in 1993, this documentary showed major supports for the building, and gave engineering reports of why the building did not fall during that attempt*
      . I wonder who watched and studied this documentary and whom benefitted

      This Chinese Communist Craft which is circling the United States for Certain is not beneficial for this Country.,

    3. @José Duarte Miranda dude what’s wrong with living in a mobile home is it the fact your rich and wanna take more of their money I used to live in a mobile home it’s not that bad

    4. @george medallion Please identify verifiable evidence and authority from a published .edu or .gov source to indicate the nature of a balloon and how such a balloon is any more or less beneficial than a U.S. weather balloon, U2 spy plane, or U.S. satellite conducting surveillance of sovereign nations.

  3. That’s what they want you to believe , it’s clearly a UFO in search of the other aliens that are held in AREA 69😅

    1. @Bu Tu I agree they are , and have more than enough evidence to lock that dementia patient up right now ….but they don’t ….that’s my problem…if you’re not against them they’re with them …..

    2. He was advised by military officials not to order it shot down right away and wanted it shot down when he first heard about it.

    3. @JackReacheround explosion over Billings Montana, then later vids of balloon still in the sky ….it was only supposed to have been 1 balloon that left Montana way earlier in the day

  4. The Chinese said that it was actually a sweatshop order that was late so they sent it express by balloon. 🤣

    1. CCP besides destroying China…it seems they also wanna ruin all the world. How is it possible CCP dictatorship still occupying China? Chinese people should be liberated! Regime change for Chinese CCP shameless dictatorship.

  5. It’s called Chinese moon🤣🤣Biden rhymes: I see the moon, and the moon sees me,
    God bless the moon, and God bless Xi Jinpig 🐷 🐖

  6. We’re to be very very worried American people. As we know it this may be the beginning for what was talked about years ago, Red Dawn.

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