Chinese spy balloon spotted over U.S. and Canada | CTV National News

The Pentagon says a Chinese spy balloon was spotted over the U.S. Joy Malbon reports on why the agency decided against shooting it down.

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  1. A spy ballon just appearing out of nowhere with no sign of it until it’s already in the sky? Where could it have launched from, undetected?

    1. It happened before during WWII, by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1944-1945 targeting the West Coast of North America.

  2. The worst part is what if that’s just something to attract America’s attention to hide something else

    1. Ah yes, because as we all know a news reporter taking a picture of a neighbourhood from above is the same as a neighbour taking pictures of someone through their bedroom window.

  3. If over the course of days you are aware of the balloon, and if you were close enough to have pictures of the balloon then your hysteria is like a south park episode….

    1. @Michael Toms yeah if that’s the case I have no idea why they haven’t got rid of it but I also assume it’s hard to predict where it will land when it’s falling from 60,000 feet.

  4. Your telling me there was a risk of hitting someone when it was flying over Montana and Saskatchewan? With the amount of farm/ranch land I find that hard to believe

  5. Funny, there wasn’t too much concern about debris coming down in much more populated areas when Skylab was falling

  6. Never wonder why Canadians can’t come up with a photo of a UFO, we didn’t notice a balloon as large as 3 🚌, and who knows how many days it lingered

  7. Can’t they design something to burst the balloon and grab the remains and eject parachutes to lower the sensor package to the ground relatively undamaged?

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