Chinese spy balloon was programmed to travel a determined route in U.S., Canada airspace: Norad

Commanders at Norad said there's no sign that a second Chinese spy balloon flew into North American airspace.

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  1. Please explain how a BALLOON flies a programmed route.

    What engines did it use to overcome the force of the wind so that it could go in a direction other than the wind was blowing?

    1. You’re obviously not a international spy engineer. You wouldn’t understand the technology even if I explained it to your simpleton mind.

    2. @samljer do you realize how much power you need to pressurize helium? Like you can’t just dump it straight from the balloon into a canister and back again.

  2. Absolute unexplainable as to why this device wasn’t shut down already over the Alaska … why did our government allow for this device to enter and traverse Canadian airspace?

    1. @Sans the NWS has radars that can detect up to 100,000 feet. high altitude balloons can go to about 130,000 feet.

      radars are not full proof.

    2. @ItzCozy why NORAD tracked it long before the press found out. Pointless to destroy it until over the ocean and that is what they did

  3. Id like to ask why that thing was practically ready to fly over my doorstep! I live in the oil drum of Canada ( Alberta ) plus what is there to hide?. Its not like oodles of funding is being pumped into the Canadian armed forces for something unknown. Jeesh.

  4. *You are witnessing the decline of common sense throughout the full spectrum of the demographics.*
    ps. and feeling shameless about it too.

  5. Time to return the favour and send our own spy ballon. I’ll provide the balloons making my way to Dollarama now.

  6. Let’s not forget or ignore that we this thing went through Canada, after Alaska. We only heard about it once it got into Montana. Somethings up 🤔

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