1. Amen. The ruling class has been a complete failure. I think a moratorium on federal hires from the Ivy League, Georgetown, etc. is just what is needed. They are nothing but boot camp for globalist foot soldiers. No thank you.

    2. @Bill Tierney and… no more hires from Arnold’s drive in. This Cuomorelli couldn’t bed Joanie Cunningham with his mother’s cocker. Take care.

    3. To all Yankees:
      It’s time to stop asking yourselves the question “what can I do for my country?” and start wondering another: “Does my country REALLY love me?”

  1. A lot of unnamed anonymous people dying from this Corona Virus it seems. But it cant be fearmongering and propaganda could it?

    1. @Samuel Kilby I seriously believe this crap is a sham. Just another example of the media trying to spread lies fear, and doom and gloom. This so called Virus has only killed older people and seriously no worse than regular flu. And what generation is this virus? Gen 2 Gen 3 how can it just mutate that fast? Is it really that new? Come on something is a miss here. It’s interesting how quickly we will allow the government to have complete control. They are finding different strains of the virus is it really that new? Everyone has lost their freaking minds and the media is responsible.

    2. Yes it is. Unless you are elderly or have a problem with your immune system, you have nothing to worry about

    1. @Gavin lol.. or her ping pong comet pizza secret.. along with bills 27 trips aboard the Lolita express..

    2. @Justin Case I wonder if Hillary is going to include bats in her spirit cooking recipe’s because its not a good idea at the moment with all the corona virus worldwide

  2. Netflix, Amazon, HBO, On Demand, and all the tv/movie home providers should do their part by making ALL programs FREE to encourage people to stay safe at home. All people of other jobs and the government are giving and doing their parts. Most importantly doctors and the medical team are risking their lives to save us all. The least all these tv/movie home companies could do is to make all their programs FREE instead of trying to make money from everyone during this Corona Outbreak Pandemic. Dont be a greedy corporate.

    1. @The Boss what about the legitimate people that live alone. That have nothing. No family. Just social security. Can’t work. Maybe a little joy of tv is a kind gesture. Try looking at it that way. I know about greedy people. There are also kind people that just don’t speak up because they know corporate is made of greed and unkindness. That’s all. God bless you

    2. That’s all we need. More zombies attached to the tv and computer! TALK TO EACH OTHER for godsake! play games. play that instrument that’s in the closet. Laugh together. Remember that?

    3. @needabettername I guess some of you just missed the point. Does everyone have someone to talk to? What if their husband died or family died wouldn’t it be kind for someone to do something kind in This world ?

    4. @susan mcivor the point of making all streaming services free or the sidetracked conversations that spurred off of the original point?
      If people can’t afford netflix, amazon etc, then you don’t expect a handout. It doesn’t stop you from reading books, using youtube etc. That was my point, irrelevant to the side topics that may have arisen

  3. Old music Networks we’re showing the dangers of the coronavirus except CNN who since January has been pushing impeachments.

    1. @Joe Tatone That’s not the point being made, I don’t think. The point is the 1% get so many breaks and rarely pay any taxes. That’s the issue. I don’t mind taking care of myself as long as they are paying their fair share. And as of now, they are not…not by a long shot!

    2. hew195050 the top 1% get breaks because they creat jobs & those jobs creat tax revenue! We pay for us & the top 1% create that possibility! If they payed the tax instead of the employee then they would have to much power over us! They would pull the purse strings by having to much influence or they’d just pack up & leave the country & then no jobs or taxes! Things are fine the way they are! Taxing the Rich more isn’t gonna make everyone else’s life better at all! Have some pride & stop dipping into other people’s pockets! Have some pride dammit. We are the 99% & we take care of our own! What’s wrong with that! Nothing!

    3. Joe Tatone , so lucky one percent are so entitled not have to pay their fair share ,in every way shape and form even during the coronavirus! For any global and economic crisis. But youCan you expect us 99% to pick up the pieces for a failed Government. Oh let’s pump more money into the 1% and the stock market to have it only last one hour long!Why do they get a free pass and we do not? Why is it always the one percent always get a pass from the government when the rest of us have always and all ways forever will pay for the 1%.How do you think that the rest of us 99%. I’m going to pay for this yes through the suffering that we’ve already suffered through. You are the loser you are the biggest loser of all!We are so sick and tired of paying for the rich!

    4. Richard Wright ,The government is not giving you 1000 bucks in the mail they are loaning you 1000 bucks in the mail the longer you sit on it the longer the interest rates grow up

    5. Joe Tatone Excuse me? I’m a 70-year-old woman who still works and has never gotten a penny from anyone or anything! I raised two children without any support monetarily or physically. At that time I worked three jobs and one of them was scrubbing toilets. I have bought three properties as a single woman in 35 years.How dare you tell me to have pride! Your a misguided narcissist! End of story.

  4. you don’t get it!! you know why cause you are rich and privileged!! if some of us stay home we will starve!!!

  5. “Ask not your country can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your country” that’s what Andrew Gillum was pondering on while attending to his “friend” the gay escort – meth overdose in a hotel room before police descended onto the site and found them both surrounded by blood stains and fecal matter….

  6. Staying home on the couch sounds expensive..

    And bills and credit and debit get reset.?

  7. thank you to everyone for staying home ..this virus wont survive without bodies..8 weeks we can do this together.

    1. @Roberto Von Lookinland Ok dad I suppose you can provide all the food and essentials to make up for lost time and responsibilities

    2. But at the end, we’ll be on our own when we have to pay our bills. Mortgage 3 months behind, $5,000 of credit/loans due, car insurance renewal due, $1,000 HOA fee due, Car breaks down, $1,000 repair, please hire me, I promise I’m better than the 5,000 people who applied for the same position

      It’ll go right back to where we left off, dog eat dog.

    1. @Joanna Hampton Why i’m arrogant to say, thatthis strategy is wrong ? In this situation it doesn’t help nobody to get people into risk of getting infected.

    2. He never said he has all the answers, he’s just saying everybody needs to do their part!!! C’mon guys!!!

  8. Rent, mortgage, insurance: car insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, etc. Bills don’t stop because of a pandemic. That’s the big issue.

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