1. @Sharon Thorne at some point, Sharon, you need to accept the fact that you’re a moron. No offense.

    2. @Sharon Thorne and sometimes you need to hit yourslf in the head with a hammer. Be my guest

    3. @Iam nooneofconsequence hahaha I am a moron because I think the man is good-looking what? Now that’s funny and I think he has the capabilities to run for the president of the United States you got to start somewhere and you would be good looking to can you imagine all the women around the world that smile and make him we as Americans are proud of him and the other women around the world just desire him have you ever seen him or seeing it with that nice t-shirt showing those muscles wow

    4. I think your party eyes are starting to get open did you see the GOP Senator talking about the Iran briefing and how the president cabinet don’t want them to to speak about it and discussed it doesn’t the Congress have the power to declare war open your eyes stop drinking the Kool-Aid Kool-Aid you trumpsters better wake up he’s pulling the wool over your eyes he’s a he’s a wolf in sheep clothing he’s not even Republican but he knew he now that’s funny

    5. @Sharon ThorneOMG your lack of intelligence has me laughing so hard I spit my drink out of mouth . lol.

  1. COVINGTON SETTLEMENT!! CNN settle the suit against them for defamations against a minor student . Where is your reporting about it CNN??

    1. @RYNNY KITTY Lets not forget Epstein didn’t kill himself and Billy’s sky miles on the LOLITA EXPRESS.

    2. Still waiting on why Jeff Van Drew left the DEms for GOP, and how is he finding it? Why? Because the are TDSN AKA DNCN

  2. Why has CNN not covered anything about their Defamation Lawsuit settlement with Sandmann/Covington Catholic.

    1. @Jake Lupus because slick Willie and killiary were humping kids cutting their heads off and sacrificing them to Moloch on Epstein island!

    1. @chris bale He’s not impeached yet. Not until the House gives the judgement to the Senate for trial. Since the entire hearing was ran unfairly & completely partisan by Democrats, don’t expect him to be removed from office.
      Not surprising Trump was impeached, when most of those voting called for it from they day he was elected. He hadn’t even taken office yet, & they were saying they’d impeach.
      So your “ratings” don’t matter. If you remember, polls also said Hilary would win with 98% affirmation. The only metrics that matter is how we’re doing in our economy – best unemployment for minorities, best unemployment in general, markets are up, stocks are really up, jobs are up, & average earned incomes are way up. You’re arguing opinion vs facts. Good luck with that.

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