1. BREAKING NEWS: Project Veritas’ documentation of google doing censorship has now also been removed from Vimeo

    1. @gerald heckathorn i save my sympathy for the children and families here in dallas that are hunhry and homeless which consistently help. Let the coyotes who made money from them help them. I do love your name though. It’s a good one.

    2. @Political Foolishness Probably because the content was created by a known far right extremist known for making deceptively edited and spliced attack videos that are subsequently exposed as false facts. But all the bigots and racists sure love to see their hatred justified.

  2. Meanwhile i watched youtube go crazy… and im suffering over other peoples mistakes… i want a solution for the usa! I have alot of good works floating and new age theives have zero limits… etc.

    1. @Devin Phillips a threat? what are you smoking kid… no where is anything i said even remotely aggressive. Unless truth threatens you lolol

    2. @Andrew Whitfield …You already did, that’s why I said that. You want to call people names just like a child.

  3. Caring is significant…why didn’t the bill start from the start of the issue?…we didn’t want to provoke president and the presidency…we just needed something done…
    Seems like offending each other is something we do all the time…we think we grow up like we say but it’s not what happens…

  4. Hey folks stop mocking these guys. They get paid millions of dollars to drive people away and talk to an ever smaller audience despite a growing population. To me that’s impressive.

    1. Don Lemon gets butthurt when called a democrat or a leftist…Also Don Lemon in this clip “regardless of what the other side say’s or what OUR OWN side says about Nancy Pelosi”. He claims a side here but cries foul when called out on it and claims to be a moderate. Why not just own it since he and everyone else knows it?

    2. @vrnc M Yea but to fewer and fewer people. You know they will be getting a raise soon even though CNN is laying people off. To be able to turn failure into financial and social success is impressive.

    1. @Dawn Goodman – That foreign aid SHOULD GO TO OUR HOMELESS HERE IN AMERICA… not to rogue socialist governments who end up stealing the money anyway,…. in a situation where the people in those countries who really need it….. never see it.

  5. We must also never forget since the Cuban exodus in the 1960s VIOLENT CRIME RATES INCREASED BY 126%

    1. kamehameha correlation==causation you fucking idiot. By that logic, plastic causes crime because we use more plastic now than ever.

  6. It didn’t have to take this long?…you clowns on CNN deny it was a border crisis for SIX MONTHS.

    1. vrnc M ..Actually it’s been a crisis for years. 30,000 a month were crossing under Obama. Trump has been right all along.

    1. We already take a million immigrants legally and another million coming in illegally, we’re not going to have a country left

  7. And let the CNN backtracking begin
    Luckily there are dozens of cnn YouTube videos of cuomo on line showing him bullshitting

    1. Just goes to show that all they care about is their agenda. Spreading lies to the point they believe it.

  8. Manipulation!!! I can’t stand both of these guys! They lie and put the blame on others! Are borders are an a crisis! They should be shut down!

  9. criminal adults who decided to cross border illegally need to be jailed for child endangerment!

  10. The president national emergency wasn’t real…right?!
    Someone had to die for the socialist Dems to wake up!

  11. They are coming here ILLEGALLY PERIOD! The JUDGE gave a FINAL ORDER, we have to OBEY OUR LAWS so do THEY!

  12. I just came over here for the thumbs down to up ratio, well I’m no clairvoyant but I gotta say I’m not disappointed. You lose again CNN thanks for playin’ Lol!

  13. Cnn, the mouthpiece for left wing radicals, claimed all along this was a “manufactured crisis.”
    What changed?

  14. Can’t blame the current 🇺🇸 president for that past Obama failures 🤧 !
    You wish Obama or Hillary was still in office !😂😂
    Stop the madness !

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