Chris Gayle Wants Respect ahead of Shaggy|Sean Paul Collab | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview

Chris Gayle Wants Respect ahead of Shaggy|Sean Paul Collab | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview 1


  1. Cris nah lie to yu, continue put in the work , music is thing that anyone can improve on music , honestly in this present moment the music is way below average, but in a year time with constant work I’m sure you will improve

  2. Chris Gale , if you where white this would be okay, that how people are, but keep up the good work, and continue to do what you can to put the music on top so we can still remain the Country that own this music, we have name Reggae.

  3. Overseas Usain Bolt and Chris Gayle are really Top names powerful black meb but a prophet is never given accolades in his country…

  4. Will have to try his Triple Century restaurant on Knutsford Boulevard. Always say I will but never do.

  5. True ting Chris them fi put respect on our celebs name a swear all our celebs need respect I agree

  6. Chris Gayle let me be honest with you,I listened to your songs them and also your videos them and. You are more popular than the whole of them put together,none of them is more popular than you around the world.The music fraternity does not belongs to no individual, and everyone is very much free to do whatever they want to do. So no Shaggy nor Shawn Paul is more popular than you, and nobody can tell you. That you should leave the music fraternity alone, that would just a bad minded thing.What I am seeing here, because I followed you over the years and. You are one of my favorites Jamaican, because of your vibes and. For a none singer like you Chris Gayle according to some of them, and having viewers than all of them put together. Becaused as what he really said India, Chris Gayle is like a God in India. I watched those videos to know that he is talking the truth, but it is some bad minded thing with some of those singers. I strongly believes that they should leave the universe Boss Chris Gayle and, let him do his own thing. The man is not depending on music for a living, the man makes millions of dollars from cricket. So they should be all chilled, the man have his own studio 🎙️ a very, very long time ago.Chris Gayle just do what you are doing in the music fraternity, and don’t let none of them stopping you from doing your own thing.I know that you have some cyber bullies out there, they does not like to hear the truth ok.

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