Chris Hayes On The Party Of Voter Suppression | All In | MSNBC

The Republican effort to make it harder to vote continues unabated, with hundreds of thousands purged from voter rolls in two key states. Aired on 12/17/19.
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Chris Hayes On The Party Of Voter Suppression | All In | MSNBC


  1. It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re convinced you’re the protagonist.
    The “bad guy” always feels justified, he doesn’t see himself as the “bad guy” at all.

    But, in our current situation here, in America, both sides aren’t playing by the same set of rules.

    How do you know you’re on the right side?
    That you’re one of the “good guys” in this story?

    How can you tell what you believe, what you stand for is the best possible use of your time and your energy?
    That you’re actually working towards the best possible outcome for yourself and your children, your future?

    How do you know you’re not just spinning your wheels?
    That the policies you support are amongst the most effective?

    How can you tell the other side is wrong, and you’ve got it right?

    Ask yourself if CHEATING is among your team’s available tactics.

    One of the two political parties in this Country is KNOWN for utilizing these strategies, and it’s not a coincidence that it’s the party who has amassed a vast majority of the power.

    It’s not an accident the first one across the finish line is the one that cut every corner while their opponents were busy making sure they were following all the twists and turns.

    If purging voter rolls and making it harder for people more likely to support your opponent to vote, clearly your policies don’t have the strength on their own for you to secure victory.

    Or, hedging your bets means you have at least some doubts that they can.

    In our system the side with the best policy platform wins. It’s supposed to be quite simple.

    Cheating means you’re not confident that you will based on the policies in your platform.

    If that applies to you, after taking a look at your team’s strategy, you have most likely chosen the wrong side.

    1. @C H Yes, over 130 contacts found between Russian operatives and scammer Don’s campaign plus gerrymandering. He got trounced in the popular vote. Then there were all those Russian planted “news” stories that flooded facebook. People actually believed that nonsense.

    2. @Aingell It’s perfectly reasonable for a nominee or incoming administration to have contacts with Russians. Russian use and investment in social media ads was miniscule and had no significant effect on the election. Dems lost because voters didn’t like their nominee or policies.

  2. The GOP are all aiming to turn the US into a dictatorship which they alone can rule over.

    Voting suppresion is just another step towards it.

    1. The only thing standing between us and a complete fascist “bloodless coup” is the military. Trump has already started to de-legitimize the legislative body and his political opponents (Dems)…. and deplete the opposition’s voting base…
      My fear is that it’s only a matter of time.

    2. @MikeL Do you not see that the Dems have literally been trying to delegitimize the president since before he took office?!

    3. CH – are you actually trying to tell me that TELLING THE TRUTH about his violations of the Constitution and his constant lies is ‘trying to de-legitimize’ a man who destroyed his own legitimacy?

    4. @MikeL I’m saying that the people seeking his removal have not been telling the truth. They have been pushing an anti-Russia agenda based on lies on behalf of the US intelligence community and NATO allies because they fear that Trump is not fully on board with their foreign policy positions.

  3. In this battle, who would I relate the most to? The trolls who no longer feel the need to hide their blatant evil under a bridge (Republicans)? Or the incompetent knight who enters the field of battle sitting backwards on the horse (Democrats)? Dems, you are up against blatant, in your face evil and corruption, that no longer feels the need to hide! Grow a f*cking pair already! When you concede ground in the face of that evil, you represent the people every bit as poorly as they do!

    1. Brilliant. But watch the moist and tender Democow Toobers prove that they are nearly as dedicated to their team – for better or worse – as their ratpublican counterparts by largely ignoring your remark. That’s right, I’m calling the Democows on their BS – put up or go F yourself

  4. If the voting purges are going to be a thing, then they should happen during the first year after an election in order for those potential voters who are on the purge list to be able to be notified in a timely manner and have a fair amount of time to register before the next election. Voting purges shouldn’t be happening during the year before an election.

    1. Unfortunately they’ve been doing it longer than that. They need to change the name of the Republican party to the Repugnant party. It fits doesn’t it?

  5. Proof that it’s not new that Republicans can’t win without cheating. Is it any wonder that the monstard thinks he’s supposed to be *_allowed_* to cheat?

  6. Would somebody please define “purge” as used in this context? What is the reason given for removing these people’s right to vote? This has not been explained.

    1. @greg hill it’s a state by state thing. Which is what makes it really scary. There have to be people in each state willing to work to carry this off. And there are.

      Even though they are a minority, they know how to tweak the system. Some of the people in this group are really bad, some just go along with the group, and some, God bless them, really are ignorant of what’s going on.

    2. @Laura Lafauve So, there is no universal set of rules that apply to each American voter irrespective of where they live? This is madness! How can you equitably administer your elections, Laura? (I do apologise if I sound like I’m holding you personally responsible, which of course is not the case.) However, I’ve become increasingly alarmed at the lax nature of some of your political rules, and their equally confused interpretation. America doesn’t appear to have been fully prepared for the arrival of Mr Trump, and I genuinely worry about what could be the consequences for your vibrant, inspiring and beautiful country.

    3. @greg hill yes, that is exactly the problem. We were not ready for the double whammy of Trump, and the entire Republican electorate to go nuts along with him.

      Hopefully we’ll get through this. If you read history, we’ve been through some bad patches before. I like to think of Vera Britain’s comments on how, when returning to college after World war I, she was reading history and was able to see how the world had progressed overall.

      I try to keep her words in mind, because the world looks pretty scary right now. It’s pretty cool being able to mention her. I understand she’s popular in England? But no one over here knows of her. Except me.😸

    4. @Laura Lafauve We were taught about Brittain in school, along with Gandhi and Nienmoller, and how it took bravery to resist violence. Sadly, these people seem to be less revered than they once were. I can still remember the outrage I felt as a ten year old, as I began to realise how fearful injustice in the World was practiced by adults in authority. I wanted to go out and hit somebody!

    5. @greg hill well, then, you understand Greta and all the kids striking from school on Fridays. You have described exactly how they feel about the way businesses and governments have been treating global warming.

      Over here Martin Luther King Jr. has his very own day. And where I live we celebrate “June Teenth” which was what the ex slaves called the day they were freed from slavery. You know they weren’t allowed to learn to read and write. (And it was against the law to teach a black person to read or write much less read a calendar.) They were freed on one of those “Teenth” days, and that’s what they called it. Some people want to change the name, but I hope it is never changed. I think it serves as a reminder of how people where mistreated and how lack of education can be used to keep people down.

      We still have people very much alive here who used Gandhi’s methods of peaceful resistance during the 1960s to fight segregation and injustice. And we have by no means finished that fight. As a matter of fact, this voter purging is part of the same thing as segregation and refusal of giving everyone a good education. Southern states especially would come up with “literacy” tests. If you couldn’t pass you couldn’t vote. This purging is just another way to suppress the black vote, as well as anyone who would be aligned with them.

  7. Ah, these were the supposed inactive voters? I wasn’t sure what reason they gave for doing it. Thanks for the clarification. All I can say is that this stinks to high heaven.

  8. Elections, like say, the FAA, should be controlled federally by a NON-PARTISAN body who manages voter rolls, sets guidelines, organizes election districts, and sets up polling stations. It might be hard to do you say … you could ask somebody like ‘Elections Canada’ sure they would love to help.

  9. Thank you for covering this. Some people in the country would like to rule the rest of us without us having representation.

  10. Every state should go to mail-in ballots. My state, Oregon, has used them for many years. VERY easy. VERY convenient. VERY safe.

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