Chris Hayes On Trump’s ‘Massive Payout’ To Farmers And The Hypocrisy Of The GOP | All In | MSNBC 1

Chris Hayes On Trump’s ‘Massive Payout’ To Farmers And The Hypocrisy Of The GOP | All In | MSNBC


Chris Hayes discusses why Democrats and the press should never, ever, ever, ever worry or take Republicans seriously when they complain about giving people “free stuff.” Aired on 10/23/2020.
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Chris Hayes On Trump’s ‘Massive Payout’ To Farmers And The Hypocrisy Of The GOP | All In | MSNBC


    1. *Disaster: New Study Finds Biden’s Tax Plan Will Slash Jobs, Cost American Households Up to $8k Each*
      Oct 6, 2020

      *Joe Biden’s $4 trillion tax plan would reduce employment by up to 3 million jobs, depress GDP (per capita) by 4 to 5%, and slash incomes by as much as nearly $8,000 per household, according to a study released Tuesday.*

      University of Chicago economist and Committee to Unleash Prosperity senior fellow Casey Mulligan reveals in his report the strains that Joe Biden’s proposed higher tax rates would have on Americans’ ability to save, invest and work.

      Biden’s $4 trillion plan aims to raise the tax on capital gains, corporate income, individual income tax, estates, and small business income taxes. In addition, the Biden plan also expands health insurance tax credits, which has negative labor market consequences.

      *In sum: an economic disaster.*

      As I’ve said before, we are in jeopardy of falling back into the high inflation, low wage, low growth scenario of the 1970s, complete with bell-bottoms and sideburns! And, according to The Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s Stephen Moore, indeed, “These are some of the steepest increases in tax rates at least since the 1970s. You have to go back to the Jimmy Carter presidency to find tax rates this high.”

      In addition, Mulligan writes that “the Biden tax agenda will reduce production, incomes, and employment by increasing taxation of both labor and business capital. Employment will be about 3 million workers less in the long run (five to ten years).”

      These findings are in direct contrast to the Biden campaign’s claims that his tax rate hikes would create millions of new jobs. Mr. Biden voiced these predictions during the first presidential debate with President Trump in Cleveland.

      The study concludes that Biden’s intention to only tax the wealthy and those making more than $400,000 is wrong. According to Professor Mulligan, “The incidence of the tax may fall on the wealthy making more than $400,000, but the tax will very negatively affect the incomes of all workers across the income scale because of the reduced investment by businesses,” Professor Mulligan said.

      You can read the entire study here.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Your source, Trish Regan, was let go from Fox earlier this year for not reporting in good faith. She said COVID was “an effort to hurt President Donald Trump”, and was indefinitely suspended. This is a biased report on a study conducted by a biased source, sourcing information from a biased professional. Seriously, look at her source for her report. The entire site exists to run a schmear campaign on Democrats, not to report in good faith. Even the economist referenced, Casey Mulligan, served as chief economist for the Council of Economic Advisers in the Trump Administration. There isn’t a single person involved in any of this that isn’t biased.

      You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

    1. @Cynthia Gonzalez just like hillarys landslide? Like I said you should just prepare yourself for another lib loss. Maybe stop watching msnbc, cnn and fox news it’s warping your mind. Probably caused you to lose some of your friends because the hatred the news companies spew into you. Like I said just prepare yourself and if/when trump2020 wins, maybe I don’t know get a job! And move forward with the rest of the working class americans. That’s what I’m gonna do no matter who.

    2. @astev52 you spelled whinning wrong. It’s called winning. But whatever when you got 4 years of sore losing mentality it probably confuses you. Peace out dont cry when trump2020 happens. Watch out for that TDS2020 that’s a doozy

  1. Didn’t Trump Campaign use donor’s money to buy out Don Jr’s failing book lol. Didn’t Steve Bannon former Trump Campaign use donor’s money on a yacht instead of the “Border Wall”. These guys need to focus on their own current fraud instead of always reaching back 4+ years ago to Obama

    1. No!!… Bannon didn’t buy the yacht, he was arrested on one owned by a Chinese billionaire!!!…
      (no coincidence of course)

    2. cult members dont care about lies and corruption as long as their politicians hate and fear the same people they do

  2. Trump has always gladly taken bribes and he’s bribed countless others to get what he wants – so, he assumes everyone bribes others and accept bribes. And, he likely thinks anyone who doesn’t is a “loser” and a “sucker.”

  3. Apparently, “socialism” is fine, as long as it can be used by Trump to bribe voters at tax payer expense.

    1. My personal favorite… small business owners. We’ll never be a socialist country! While they literally beg for bailouts

  4. But when Wall Street, corporations, and big banks want massive tax cuts and deregulations in order to make even more money and poison our air and water, it’s no problem at all.

    1. exactly individual 1 has repealed over 70 regulations that protected people and the environment from corporate polluters

  5. Fox and his fired friends are upset that his looser president fail in the debate. They will always look for anything they can cry about, while tRump is using tax payers money to feed his family business. Locke them up!

  6. They say watch out for sosialism then they use sosialism to save one of their own when their policies failed DESCRIBE Trump and his cults.

  7. Republicans have increased the National Debt through deficit spending more than Democrats since and including Ronald Reagan

    1. they dont care about spending while they have control then whine about the deficit when democrats are in control

  8. In the End that was the Choice You Made, and it doesn’t Matter how Hard it was to Make it. It Matters that you did.. Go Vote.. Save America.. Vote Trump OUT!

    1. @Ariki Royal … trump has a secret chinese bank account and did absolutely nothing to protect Americans even though he warned numerous times in December 2019. He is 100% responsible for over 260,000 deaths because of his incompetence.

    2. Look people if we don’t all vote for Trump we won’t get another stimulus check you want that money don’t you I know I do.

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