Chris Hayes Pulls The Receipts On Republicans’ Ukraine Corruption Claims | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes Pulls The Receipts On Republicans' Ukraine Corruption Claims | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. @gw wile so you think people that hold the highest office in America don’t have to be held to a higher position? Wrong.

    2. @Sharon Mores *I Agree with you but do you think they are ever going to be held accountable by there own party or the ones who vote for them are going to vote for a Dem… The whole Republican party is made up of Wanabe Trumps and wannabe grabbed by the Kitty Trumpets ( , v . )*

    3. Once in a while Hayes really nails it. It’s a pity he’s so cowardly on so many issues: Climate change, the MIC, the open corruption of 500 members of Congress in accepting ‘legal’ bribes every single day…

  1. The current crop of Яepublican Senators have been Russian lapdogs and collaborators since Baby Donnie came down that escalator… Putin is getting his money’s worth out of them!

    1. I think the Republicans were already open to Putin’s schemes. Donnie has just proven to be in Putins pocket so they can be too. ie. #MOSCOWMITCH

    2. Look a little closer, they’re not doing it for Trump, they’re doing if for god. The USA is just as sick as Israel or Saudi Arabia, it makes up the Abrahamic ‘Three Stooges”.

  2. Hilarious how the Republicans seem to not have notice Ivanka and Jared “earned” $120M last year alone… Republicans are corrupted…

    1. @Blink Once on Sunday! yes, and the GOP have blinders on, unless you have lots of money and influence with an R for Republican when you vote, It won’t matter.

    2. The only reason Biden is getting looked at is because of the fact that he’s involved with a company that is ran by a corrupt individual. And another reason being the fact that his father is the Vice President of the United States who handled the corruption of Ukraine. How does that make sense. Ivanka and Jared made that much in the US. 😂

    3. @Cody Ringler And Jared’s daddy got convicted of fraud in 2005, just like Ivanka’s daddy should have been already. I’m pretty sure if you or I were busted running a fake charity as a personal slush fund or running a fake University, we would be quickly sent to prison.

  3. The question of why didn’t you investigate before now is one that any Republican must dodge because it shows intent. It shows that all this only mattered when Joe Biden became a political rival.

    1. But you know what? Republicans either don’t care or cannot comprehend what Chris Hayes is talking about. The first group has a very selective memory, the second group lacks the brainpower to think for themselves and simply repeat what the Great Leader and his cronies feed them.

  4. 2014: Not a word about the Bidens from Ernst.
    2015: Not a word about the Bidens from Ernst.
    2016: Not a word about the Bidens from Ernst.
    2017: Not a word about the Bidens from Ernst.
    2018: Not a word about the Bidens from Ernst.
    2019: Not a word about the Bidens from Ernst.
    2020: Hella words about the Bidens from Ernst.

    Hmm, what’s different now? 🤔😄😆🤣

  5. 45* & his crime family have committed almost 3,000 conflicts of interest since taking power. But the GOP cares nothing about that.

  6. It really felt like Ernst confessed to an ulterior motive with her tone of voice. She was excited to see Biden fail at something which is completely different than wanting to root out corruption to help the American people. Adam Schiff portrayed the true tone and emotion for exposing corruption in order to protect our democracy. He was somber, serious, compelling, and at times gut-wrenching because of the significance in this difficult time for our country.

    1. These days, politicians act like they’re college football players. There’s no right or wrong, just root for your own team, the ends justify the means.

  7. Republicans are so corrupt and do not play fair… The Republicans are so proud smearing others… Vomit…

    1. Starman Dx hearsay isn’t proof of corruption. You have won the onus of proof that Shokin is/was corrupt. Hint, someone else saying it isn’t proof, a conviction is.

    2. @15k DOW 2022
      Neat, like the hearsay you were trying to spread about Biden?
      Fun fact: Someone else saying it is proof, so long as they’re credible.
      Maybe in your country conviction = truth, but here in America, it doesn’t. Credible sources do, and you lack them.

  8. Exactly. It wasn’t about corruption. It was about damaging a Presidential candidate in any way possible up to and including having a foreign power meddle in the Presidential election.

    1. Yeah, I said that once on another thread that the Dems needed to be more ruthless like the Rethugliklans. Someone admonished me to not sink to that level. Being honest and open has gotten the Democrats nowhere lately. I say take the gloves off and fight just as dirty.

  9. Remember when there was something there with Hillary and Trump was going to investigate her? Until they won the election. Then Trump found out that there’s actually nothing there with Hillary.

  10. Untrustable! That’s not even a frikin’ word. Untrustworthy that’s a word, as in …the GOP are untrustworthy.

    1. I know. LMAO over untrustable! Can you stand it? These are the people running things. Lord have mercy on us.

    1. Trump accused Cruz’s father of assassination of JFK and smeared his wife as NOT ATTRACTIVE as his NUDE model wife. AND WHERE IS THE PROOF ABOUT MALONIA’ S PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP PROMISED, PROMISES MADE PROMISES TO BE OR NOT TO BE, HER PARENTS RECEIVED citizenship once MALONIA started holding DICTATOR DONS HAND. LOL LOL she HASN’T slapped it AWAY SINCE. I would read MELANIA’S BOOK LOL

  11. Where’s Cruz’s Uber Hetero beard? And I don’t mean his wife… (Remember, the wife that Trump insulted to his face!)

    1. He sure did! And that was one of so many ugly things Trump did. I despised Trump for mocking people and all his lying cheating self-serving conduct. Ted Cruz is no better.

  12. Trump has a circle of goons,
    who have the brains of loons,
    and as they root in the trash,
    pawing for ill-gotten cash,
    they resemble tangerine raccoons.

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