Chris Hayes: The Right-Wing's Misplaced Mania Over Covid Origin Story 1

Chris Hayes: The Right-Wing’s Misplaced Mania Over Covid Origin Story

Chris Hayes gives a note of caution on the right-wing mania over the Wuhan lab theory. 
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  1. Just gotta say FOX going headfirst into “China killed Americans with COVID!!!” after “Thoughts and Prayers keep you safe from this totally normal flu. Kiss your pastor…” is an outrage scam.
    We see you playing the long con.

    1. well, at least they are consistent. After all, thoughts and prayers are the answer to mass shootings, so, you know, how could that not work here?

  2. Very smart, bait with something that does not exist/impossible and if you fail to find it then it shows incompetence.
    Some people will benefit it from the chaos, Don’t be fooled lol

  3. Donald Trump: “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”

    500 thousand dead Americans: Thank you, Donald. Wise choice. You couldn’t have been honest for once in your life?

    1. @Gnirol Namlerf Trump wouldnt have silenced fauci..he was on tv every single day giving interviews..unless fauci is 5 yrs old and cant stand up for himself ,,,,if you r so concerned with people dying from this then take it up with cuomo,whitmer and company they happily sent covid positive patients to infect others..didnt lose any sleep over it either as a matter of fact cuomo wrote a best selling novel during the pandemic AMAZING!!

    2. @Helen Pauls i agree the virus is totally fake democrats actually kidnapped those people who “died” and used them for satanic rituals in order to please their overlord SATAN

    3. @Gnirol Namlerf Well said! After the barrage of comments at the end of this thread from the obvious Q troll, the Satanic and Satan one was the best, I think we’re wasting our time.

    4. @Antonio Santos I think you’re being sarcastic? Right? But I think this is exactly how the whole Q anon thing started. I don’t think this is a medium well suited for sarcasm. There are too many people Who are primed to believe the most outlandish things. The fact that I can’t be certain that you aren’t entirely serious is frightening. Please confirm that you were joking or proudly state that you are a nut case,

  4. I was thrown out of an antique shop because I walked in and said, “Good afternoon, what’s new?”

    1. Did you hear about the dog that ran 10 miles to return a stick? Yeah, it’s a little far fetched.

    2. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    3. @Bat Boy After running 10 miles a day, for the last month, I’m fitter than ever. Unfortunately, I’m now 300 miles from home.

  5. Do you know the old French joke:
    “What is the republican recipe for chicken soup?
    First steal a chicken

    1. @Richard Miller you didn’t see the guy steal Pelosi mail, and they stole her laptop. They also stole the podium that day. But hey….

  6. Trump’s psychiatrist told him: “You’re going crazy”. Trump told him: “I’d like a second opinion”. The doctor said, “Alright, you’re ugly too”.

  7. The nerve of FOX to try and hold Biden responsible for his predecessor’s abject, cowardly and incompetent response to pandemic deaths is a sight one has to see to believe.

    1. People died because fauci said no masks needed right when the spread could have been stopped or slowed way down.

    2. Is that why when biden got his vaccine there were already a million ppl being vacinated a day ? Or what about when biden called trump a zenophobe for restricting travel.? Is that what you mean . Well hes right about the lab leak

    3. @Big Picture Thinking i agree with you on that, but i do think Fauci and colleagues made a gamble to say that at the time to try to prevent mask shortages for first responders, who were in real crisis mode (recall that at the early goings, masks of any kind were in short supply). Public policy statements are a tough thing, and I don’t say that all the choices were correct, but I do think context is important.

    4. @Easternsun Eastern sun its a democratic hoax ! remember? it will go away like a miracle! remember? he fired the obama admin. in china to report on just this type of thing ! REMEMBER? just how much lysol have you inhaled? REMEMBER?

    5. Biden is at fault, along with the rest of this grade school administration. Trump tried to stop air travel in January, but was called racist for doing so, only to have dems go ahead and do it and claim it. And without Warpspeed, you would still have no vaccine. Get your facts straight, which by the way factcheckers, and smokes both agree.

  8. Politics aside, it’s never hard to find the fool in the room: they’re always more focused on the past than the future.

    1. You know that’s exactly what I’ve been saying for the past 70 years. I just don’t understand why people are still on about World War II? I don’t understand why people are still on about how bad the Nazis were blah blah blah. I don’t understand why people are still talking about the genocide that was committed against Native Americans or Cambodians in pool parts regime

    2. Imagine making a mistake and just plowing on instead of reflecting and learning from it.

    3. I hope that the deep deep deep sarcasm is readily apparent and my statements were made to show the hip hop Chrissy of the people making these kinds of absurd arguments

  9. Tell you what GQP: We’ll get right on the COVID-19 origin investigation immediately after the completion of the January 6 insurrection investigation.

    1. No one cares about either. You are being manipulated, start thinking with your own brain.

  10. I can tell you the “oranges” of Covid — it was Trump who called it a “Democrat hoax” and it will “magically disappear”.

    1. @Christopher Hughes geez its funny how you dont like people making things up or saying disgusting things about others but democrats do it all the time…you can dish it out but you cant take it

    2. @ChaoticKreg not me..because Trump didnt say it just once. Trump say it at least three times in a row then switched to another word. As if he was having a mini stroke..

    3. Due to his incompetence, Trump is responsible for more American deaths than any other individual in history.

    4. @Antonio Santos So…. the whole world was faking covid? Hundreds of nations and millions of peoppe.putting on a show just to make Trump look bad?

      Ok.Lets say that happened.

      So why is India now putting in a covid show long after trump left office? And many other nations?

      Maybe one day you will accept the simple, factual truth. Trumps horrible response to the covid crisis helped create the seeds of his defeat.

      Why did he call covid a hoax?.He had to know that his minions would, in fact then think is was a joke right?

      Why did Trump say it would magically go away? When every expert at the time and now has predicted that covid will be like the seasonal flu, requiring yearly booster shots?

      And why did Trump call covid a hoax to Americans at large, after he had a secret conversation with Woodward, that is taped, where he calls covid more dangerous than the flu, saying it has a mortality rate of 5%.

      Dude I know this shocks you but when a leader acts this way in a democracy some people are going to shrug their shoulders and say, ok, we need someone in charge that has a more serious attitude towards covid.

      And no trumps closing the borders to China dont count. Because he kept them open to Europe.

  11. Stop saying “once in a century”. With the way this thing is mutating and wet markets keep running these types of cross over viral diseases may very well be a lot more regular. Once in a decade?

  12. The GOP is on a campaign to lessen or eradicate all of Trumps failings by the 2022 elections. Maybe because some really bad info about Trump is coming down the pike.

  13. I guess they expect Biden to just hurry an assumption, that’s what they’re used to. also, it’s weird how it’s real for them now lol

  14. The only time these guys acknowledge how serious and threatening Covid is, is when they think they can weaponize it to attack liberals.

  15. If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think the right can talk about respect of covid
    “It’s the flu.”
    “Stop overreacting.”
    ‘It’ll go away”
    “Why aren’t yall talking about car crashes, but you’re talking about this.’

  16. When you look at how fast China expanded it’s quarantine you have to wonder if Wuhan was even the first city it appeared in or if it was just the first place where an ER Dr seeing the rising cases of mystery disease refused to be silenced by the low level pencil pushers more concerned about looking bad than with heading off an epidemic.

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