Chris Hayes: Trump Must Be Removed From Office And Tried For Sedition | All In | MSNBC 1

Chris Hayes: Trump Must Be Removed From Office And Tried For Sedition | All In | MSNBC


“He needs to be removed from office, quickly. And then he should be arrested and tried for sedition. That is where we are right now. Anyone who pretends otherwise is deluded,” says Chris Hayes. Aired on 1/7/2021.
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Chris Hayes: Trump Must Be Removed From Office And Tried For Sedition | All In | MSNBC


  1. Per Pence, Republicans WILL NOT be responsible. As usual, the Democrats have to clean up the Republicans’ mess!

    1. @Josh Overholser must read up on “why” we give aid overseas. Yes agree at a time like this should be greatly decreased, but in a way is necessary. ( unfortunately).
      Our own history over last 40-50yrs clearly show how R’s explode debt, pander to wealthy, take more & more away from the rest of us, make a mess. D’s come after clean ut up, get things rolling, trending up again then bam get blamed ( not fast enough) & so it goes. Great ex is 2017 things good right? Was not d/t Trump he hadn’t “done” anything yet, if had was not in effect yet, wouldn’t see effects yet. Fiscal year ends end of Oct period.
      A lot of people do not have some very basic understanding.

    1. Trump’s legacy will be he tried to destroy democracy. Fox News is Trump’s propaganda channel, Fox News should be shut down!

    2. There is video of Capitol Police waving in these people. Seems very suspious that there was no backup. I think this was pre organised to delay certification.

    3. @P W I thought that very thing yesterday why wasn’t the building secured after Trump asking his mob to protest investigation should be launched why that happened, its the congress building ffs

    1. @Crystal Brown not so constant anymore – he has been blocked by Twitter and Facebook and permanently banned from Instagram

    2. @Lynda James
      She also said, we came we saw and he died talking about a man who was murdered with a knife up his rectum and then laughed. The man was Kaddafi. She also referred to young black men as super predators. She also became extraordinarily wealthy through the offices that she and her husband held. She is also a huge hypocrite with respect to the sexual proclivities and associated crimes of her husband as compared to other predators like Donald Trump unless they are attending a lavish dinner party together. The Clintons are criminals just like Trump but a little more polished.

    3. when jeb conspired within his state to make sure his corrupt brother made office he should have been tried for high treason , so whatever he thinks about anything is of no importance . . who cares what a crooked dirtbag thinks ??

    1. No.

      It’s terrorism. If you call it domestic terrorism it dilutes the severity primarily because they are Caucasian. Treat these people the same way you would treat a Muslim or other ethnic group. Don’t dilute it.

    2. It was an attempted coup by a president who is a Russian agent, a traitor to the people of America.

  2. Long overdue impeachment AND removal from White House
    He is and has been a disgrace since before 2016. He has made a mockery of our Constitution and our democracy.

  3. He ran OUR COUNTRY like he ran his businesses,Into the ground. I agree with you Chris IMPEACH. REMOVE. INDICT.

    1. May take decades to recover from the damage done to our country and to try and slowly repair the divide.

    2. @Chris Ortiz what damage? He didn’t create corona. He didn’t create riots against the police. Those events have clear creators they even take credit except in the case of corona. So what in the world are you talking about, m

    3. Who’s going to represent the POS in court once he’s out of office! Rudy! Sydney Powell! Good luck defending the right for self pardon. Any judge that could justify a self-pardon shouldn’t be a judge! They should be laughed out his own court!

    1. @Bishopman 2 Why do I have to go to jail Bishop? Trump was the cause of the insurrection. It wasn’t the Clintons or the Democrats. Why don’t you volunteer? They probably could use a Bishopman 2.

    1. With winning the White House, the Senate, and holding the House, I wish the Dems would grow some balls. Enough of the mantras: 1. When they go low, we go high. 2. I extend my hand in friendship, to our opponents across the aisle. 3. There are no blue states or red states, only the United States. 4. It is time to forget the past, so let’s move on. 5. Thoughts and prayers. It should now be: GO TO JAIL, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200!!!!!

    1. You all are fools… Seriously what has he really done?

      And that stupid protest you won’t shut up about, is a bunch of paid actors! It’s rumored that the guy with the horns is somehow related to Nanci Pelosi, give me a break it’s fake!!!

    2. @Preston Ferry I agree, he has not done anything , and this is just about people who are airing grievances and losses he really has nothing to do with .

    1. @Kate M. i totally agree trump needs to be in prison now i hate the idea of having to pay for his pension

    1. Right! They were too busy rioting!
      But the ones walking out of the capital, should all be arrested! I’m sure their neighbors will rat them out, I would!
      I live in Maine, people that support trump, act like those people did something wonderful. They are delusional!
      I wonder how they will feel, when those people that broke in are arrested!
      That will be sweet! .
      I hope they show that

    2. @Retro Thingz Unfortunately, that’s all they know how to do. To sit and wait for their brain-washing sessions to begin on Qanon, Fox, Breitbart, OAN, RT, etc.

    3. @Memi Taylor
      They shouldn’t have been allowed to walk away, they should have been surrounded and arrested en-mass!

    1. @Walden how come nobody is calling for the mobs that burned Portland and many other cities to be arrested? Even murderers are being ignored. But these people have to definitely go to jail and be prosecuted? This is going to blow up in everyone’s face

    2. @sha nur It’s just Portland. If the leftist want to burn their own city down so be it. It’s their problem. Now if you are trying to take down the Capital, that is an attack on America. And those insurrectionists are traitors and must pay for their treasonous act.

    3. @Walden protesting isn’t attacking.nobody said a thing when they stormed it for the kavanaugh proceeding or was that just ‘different’?

  4. So glad Joe said it “WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?!!” How long do we have to talk about it, arrest Trump already!!

  5. “You’ll never take back our country with weakness.”

    So you should spend the rest of your life in prison, got it.

    1. “Take back our country ..?” Because the majority rule is unacceptable? Actually, they got away with it in 2016 so can hardly be blamed for thinking they could barge their way to victory again. Democracy is majority rule. Electoral college needs to be banished and let the people vote for people power.

  6. His niece said he would “burn the house down” on the way out and I trust her judgement more than the #liarinthewhitehouse

    1. She is the only Trump with an ounce of intelligence, patriotism and morals…I feel sorry for her being related to an entire family of TRASH…

  7. Trump can do more damages to the US during the last 13 days in office, I agree he should be removed immediately.

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