Chris Hayes: 'We Do Not Sic Foreign Systems Of Justice On American Citizens' | MSNBC 1

Chris Hayes: ‘We Do Not Sic Foreign Systems Of Justice On American Citizens’ | MSNBC


Chris Hayes says that even if Hunter Biden was suspected of wrongdoing in his relationship with Burisma, as Trump's defense team is alleging, there's no reason for Trump to deal with that by requiring Ukraine to investigate it in exchange for aid. "We do not sic foreign systems of justice on American citizens… . if there is an actual predicate for some sort of investigation, there are processes by which that is pursued." Aired on 1/28/2020.
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Chris Hayes: 'We Do Not Sic Foreign Systems Of Justice On American Citizens' | MSNBC


    1. @AL- BOT
      Yes and antifa is respected, Jussie smollett is a civil rights leader, and we have systemic racism.

  1. Because that’s what *blackmailers* do, not people of law.
    And despite Donald Trump having all of the DOJ to his disposal to do the investigation, he went behind *everyone’s* back for a underhanded, corrupt, back door scheme were he didn’t just utilize people with *zero* revelance to the goverment, but also illegally witheld aid that had already been approved for the Ukraine in order to press them into obedience.

    Donald Trump is not a republican.
    He’s a criminal and a “fakepublican”.
    Send him to jail were he belong.

  2. Saying we, as parents, do not have control of our Adult Children. Very true That statement of fact was the best I have heard today.

  3. Chris Hayes, you nailed the whole thing about so called Relationship with Burisma crap! I love your great argument about that! You always talk directly to the point! Thank you Chris Hayes…

    1. @dan112020 You just cant handle the truth. Are you somekind of racist since you think only Americans use Youtube?

    2. @Roy Batty  You just cant handle the truth. Are you somekind of racist since you think only Americans use Youtube?

  4. I agree with Chris…They say Bidens son made so much money and wasn’t qualified, but Trump has qualifications as a politician??

    1. Stone Men nope! trumpanzee was elected by the electoral college manipulated by the GOP’s gerrymandering! Hillary Clinton won the people’s vote by 3 million. Try reading and comprehension and FACTS! Otherwise STFU

  5. Never had kids, never really wanted kids, but Chris is rapidly becoming the son I never had but wished I did. Just brilliant.

    1. Chris Hayes was caught sniffing our dirty jock straps after practice in jr high school. HE’S A FKING LYING PERVERT. !!

    2. @Kathleen Mitchell
      Wrong BIMBO. !! It was him !! And wasn’t that YOU sucking off the whole Jr High School football team. After school ???

  6. BTW how many in the house raised questions of ethics regarding IVANKA trump and her W H position? how many in the senate raise objections over Jared and his position? and how many republicans raised concerns over trump properties being frequented by government officials paid for by taxpayers ?

  7. The ENTIRE defense of this ongoing FARCE melts with every…single…word Chris just said in this video.

    Try it, versus EVERY argument in Trump’s favor regarding this impeachment.

    GG everyone…game, set, match!

    1. One Punch
      How is making any assumption a weakness? And you are trolling MSNBC. Unless you forgot where you are.

  8. I’ve said from the beginning that *TRE45ON and his corrupt administration are perfectly welcome to investigate the Biden family (or any other) if there are crimes being committed. They are still able to do so.
    BUT…..not via a foreign country’s investigatory branch. That is the purview of our own police (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.).
    GOP defense in the impeachment trial are still suggesting that the Biden family should be made to testify which is ridiculous. They are not on trial.
    If *TRE45ON honestly believes they are guilty of corruption, then use the proper channels to investigate.
    Go ahead. Start that investigation today…..
    His failure to do so speaks volumes about the fact that this was never really his goal. It was *always* the high crime of a quid pro quo for election interference.
    Stop whining about the Bidens for distraction reasons. Investigate them (again) or not. But the impeachment is NOT about them. It is about the high crime of abuse of power.

    1. One Punch well summed up, the difference between democrats and republicans is we care if our leaders are corrupt

  9. Amend, that’s the point, presidents once protected us, now they hunt us with threats of telling their gun cult, that so and so, hasn’t paid the price yet. Are you kidding me?

  10. it’s almost like the gop knows their supporters have zero intellectual curiosity…
    how is what ivanka is doing in china different?
    what makes jared qualified for his job?

    1. They are nothing but shrieking toddlers who want to hear nothing that upsets their tender little emotions, i.e. that they f*cked up when they voted for this clod.

  11. Going from Obama to Trump is like swapping a diamond for a rock.
    ‘You don’t have to live in Kentucky to vote against Mitch McConnell.’

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