Chris Matthews: Trump Plays ‘School Yard Nasty’ In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC

Chris Matthews: Trump Plays ‘School Yard Nasty’ In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC 1


On Trump’s handling of the impeachment trial versus Democrats, Chris says the president is playing an “eight year old’s game … There’s a difference in tone here. The Democrats play it straight. And the president plays it schoolyard nasty.” Aired on 01/31/20.
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Chris Matthews: Trump Plays ‘School Yard Nasty’ In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC

59 Comments on "Chris Matthews: Trump Plays ‘School Yard Nasty’ In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC"

  1. How is he not spitting all over those people?

  2. BLack Friday, for the Americans…

    One day, Republicans will remember this day.🤔

  3. Hold your children and grandchildren close because their lives are about to change forever.

  4. The United States Senate, the World’s Greatest Greatest Deliberately Corruptive Body

  5. Can anyone imagine four more years of the incestuous lunatic?

  6. A Fair Trial is made up
    Of witnesses and Evidence
    That is its ” Substance”

    • Yes during house impeachment this is very important. They chose not to and it costed them. Not senates job to do what the house was suppose to before impeachment vote. Very clear in constitution.

    • They had 18 witnesses,no one had anything because schiff made it up.

    • Gewöhnheit Spiel | January 31, 2020 at 4:32 PM | Reply

      Having a free trial is only of interest to those who want to maintain the liberal democracy. You see the goal is GOP wins all and forever so of course there is not want of a fair trial. There never was another motive.

  7. When they go low
    We go high

    Good WILL defeat evil in the end

  8. The excuses begin

  9. Kathleen Flacy | January 31, 2020 at 1:12 PM | Reply

    Bolton should have come forward during the House investigation if he had first hand knowledge. Just another me-firster who has no real care for the country.

  10. From Vindman to Schiff – The Chain of Command – @t

  11. “Alexander the Little” will go down in history with the likes of Benedict Arnold, John Wilkes Booth, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Disgraced and disloyal but never forgotten for the dastardly deed. Trump defecated on the flag and the Trump Castrati buried the feces. It still stinks to high heaven.

  12. See you in November

  13. Americans 🇺🇲…
    have moved with their lives!
    The progressive HATE has played out.

  14. Linda Cloud Observer | January 31, 2020 at 3:02 PM | Reply

    This is the jist of what Democrat Chuck Schumer just said at 2:57 pm: ‘We are not going to let this be rushed through like the House Dems did in December 2019.’

  15. THE ANGRY QUAD | January 31, 2020 at 3:10 PM | Reply

    Should he lie down and just take it?

  16. Lilly Fitzgerald | January 31, 2020 at 6:09 PM | Reply

    Yes – Maya Wiley says it as it is.

  17. The whole thing was a circus anyway.

  18. The patriot1776 | January 31, 2020 at 6:46 PM | Reply

    The globalist agenda will be held back for four more years, I have a sure word! Trump 2020!

  19. Chris Hayes says “just Blow Me” at 2:52

  20. “The Democrats have always played it straight”

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