Chrystia Freeland and Candice Bergen spar over Canada’s COVID-19 response

Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Conservative deputy leader Bergen sparred over the government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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  1. Freeland “I don’t know about that side of the house but on this side WE have been busy covering up We Scandals.”

  2. One looks like a nice lady, the other looks like a witch. I’ll leave it for Canadians to decide which is witch.. 😭

  3. The whining, nauseating droning sound of DPM Freeland. How I wish she and the liberals were history and that Canada would become properly led and professionally governed again. This cabal gives me cause for despair for the country.

  4. Nothing but the same old, same old. Candice, you need to change your tactics, they know exactly how you do things.

  5. I never feel like this is a discussion, & bringing up of important issues; it is always angry trash-talking “gossipy” accusation throwing; it’s just boring and so immature, I can’t watch it. It’s like immature children. Hearing a calm factual presenting of what each side would like to see accomplished would be refreshing. …like politicians ever act like mature respectful adults. That is a request from me.

  6. If we’re so on top of the pandemic, why are the Lib.s “tail coating ” the American protocol.
    Like Remdesivir that has turned out to be only slightly effective, even Dr. Fauci doesn’t give
    it much credibility as a treatment.

  7. Freeland is naturally annoying in so many ways. Even though she is doing much of his job in her role as Deputy PM, she could never hope to fill Trudeau’s shoes from the standpoint of being an appealing party leader capable of winning elections.

    1. She could easily fit into his shoes, and his patterned socks too. All she has to do is take every other month off for “personal vacation days” at Rideau Cottage and throw a few million dollars to her Liberal buddy’s. She also needs to dedicate 70% of her words to discussing how she will “continue to fight climate change” but she’s already doing that. It’s as simple as that.

  8. Freeland, just like Trudeau, drones on with woke words and little meaningful action to help Canadians. Throwing OUR tax dollars around willy-nilly is NOT the answer!

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