Chuck Schumer: Poll Shows Even Republicans Want Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about his hope that he can convince four Republican senators to vote with Democrats on allowing witnesses in Donald Trump's senate impeachment trial, citing a poll showing that even most Republican voters want to hear from them. Aired on 12/19/19.
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Chuck Schumer: Poll Shows Even Republicans Want Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC




  3. Make sure the folks back home know what’s at stake if they senator doesn’t support facts and witnesses.

  4. America wants a fair Senate trial. Admittedly, most of the Republican rank and file probably believe that their is exculpatory evidence. Let’s try it and see what happens.

    1. America wanted a fair trial period,dems bypass the judicial branch.Then tell republicans they cant call witnesses,hold meetings in secret away from the public,now pelosi wants to tell the senate how to run the senate or shes not handing over the articles,thats obstruction or congress,sound familiar? Fair trial went out the window from day one.

    2. @david purina Republicans have whined and sniveled from day one. The Republicans have lied from day one. It is better for Trump to be impeached an never acquitted than impeached and unfairly acquitted.

    3. @david purina Do you know that impeachment is not a legal process but a political processn The judicial branche has nothing to do with it.
      Normally an impeachment process would start with the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the matter and find facts and evidence. Barr did not allow a special counsel to be appointed. The house had to do it themselves. Such initial investigations ard always with behind closed doors in case intelligence material will pop up and to prevent that witnessess coordinate their testimonies. Members of the committee (republicans and democrats) could attend. Others not. Republicans and democrats were treated the same.
      The rules that were followed were the same as the republicans had developed in the Clinton impeachment + extra rights for the president and his lawyers. They were invited to join but refused.
      In a legal process the defendant will not be part of the questioning of other witnessess. That has to wait to the trial were evidence is presented and witnesses are crossexamined. In an impeachmentprocess that would be during the trial in the senate. But Trump and his lawyers were offered the opportunity to crossexamine during the investigative trial.
      Were did the democrats go wrong? They followed the rules made by the republicans with extra rights for the presidentm

    1. You can’t handle the truth! And if you heard the whole truth, which none of the Democrats and Republican fully know, you’d probably want Trump to be put in front of a firing squad with all his conspirators.

    2. @Tracy Samra You might be surprised how much truths you get from Republicans even if they are constantly spewing fake news. Just watch the lie break apart with one well placed question. Yes, a question! Not a fact, not news, but a plain question from the media.

      Makes me laugh how Americans are stupid! And those are your leaders? There’s no way the USA will become great again with that level of stupidity in positions of power.

  5. After the Impeachment fiasco, even Trump’s allies won’t be allowed to challenge Trump’s comments. After proving Trump’s guilt, and then the GOP letting Trump walk, regardless, it will be completely clear that the Republic has fallen. It’s so cute, that people still think they will be allowed to, “vote,” in 2020, to get Trump out. Once out of office, he goes to jail, and all his dirty secrets will be in the public domain. What CHOICE do the Trumps HAVE? They HAVE TO RIG 2020, with Putin’s help! Only, they’re on the INSIDE this time, with access to ALL the levers of power and security. You ALREADY HAVE A DICTATORSHIP! It’s already OVER, America . . . You lost your Republic in a COUP, because there were enough haters and racists out there, who WANT a Putinista single party, FAKE Democracy. And, because you all thought your, “institutions,” could withstand a coup WITHOUT YOU! A decade ago, the Ukrainians got it. They filled the streets and brought their country to a standstill, until the dictator fled back to Moscow. America just watched the whole coup on CNN and, “did,” NOTHING! Maybe we deserve this? . . . Smh

    1. @Naomi Ogle Oh is that why he’s still trying to cheat? Because he’s so far ahead? RELEASE THE MISSILES TO UKRAINE.

  6. I agree with Schumer. Hunter Biden has nothing to do with that and they’re only using him as a scapegoat to keep other witnesses from coming in.

    1. @Vince Diesel Nancy has made her mind up about impeaching that thug. She’s NOT going back! I understand your wishful thinking though.

    2. hunter has everything to do with this. he is the proof of ukraines corruption, not to mention the corruption of the bidens. and hunter should also be forced to testify how he got china to give him 1.5 billion in investment capital. a neat trick seeing as hunter has no experience in investment banking. course hunter didn’t have any experience in the oil and gas industry either. but that didn’t keep him from collecting 83k a month from a ukranian oligarch did it. it’s the democrat way. give a corrupt country billions in american taxpayer money. then make them kick back a chunk of it into the pockets of american politicians. i think donald trump is the one man who is tough enough to put a stop to it.

  7. I am a New Yorker, who had to live with trump’s disgusting behavior; just one. Example : trump owned expensive condos in NYC and wanted the owners to’ move out and they wouldn’t. To force the owner’s out, he put ‘homeless to live in the halls’ of the condos ! trump said he was putting ‘homeless’ in these condos because “he cared about homeless”, yet when trump was asked “why he did NOT put homeless in his own condo” ? trump had NO answer ! I swear to God what I have written about trump is true that is why I myself and all New Yorkers were disgusted with this EVIL CREEP a long time ago and did NOT vote for him. No surprise to me that trump took putin’s aid to get himself elected ! ! All Americans should give themselves a Holiday Gift; tell your Senators to get this Fake out of the Office he has defiled and take his evil’ minions with him ! ! !

  8. So the debate is that Hunter is bad because he accepted a job he was not qualified for because of who his Dad was? Don Jr and Ivanka should then testify too!

  9. I already called my Senator in Florida to express my strong feelings that trump needs to be removed from office! PLEASE people call your senators!

    1. John King There ARE honest Senators. Plenty of them. The problem is that Schumer wants to find four honest ‘Republican’ Senators. That’ll be like finding the Holy Grail…….

  10. Rachel you are good at finding things out and I really believe that there is a story there. When AG Barr’s Father was headmaster of an Elite school in NY he Hired Jeffrey Epstein, he had NO Degree and No Credentials, so Why hire him? Not long after Epstein’s father retired. Is AG Barr being Blackmailed or is he really as DIRTY and CORRUPT as trump?

  11. It becomes more evident by the day that being a Trump supporter is not a political stance but a serious character flaw, people that will willingly believe anything as long as you spice it with enough hate and fear .

  12. THE RUSSIANS GAVE MONEY TO MCDONNELL……and a Russian Oligarch did business with MCDONNELL”S

  13. Why can’t McConnell be held to account by the judge? McConnell is supposed to be an impartial juror, yet has publicly stated he will be a partial juror. The judge should act against McConnell!

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