Chuck Schumer slams Donald Trump for ‘disgusting’ Ye, Fuentes dinner | USA TODAY #Shorts


    1. Trumplicans, Republican extremists, Q nuts, Reichwing terrorists know what they say is lies built on top of lies. They know it. They just don’t care as long as those lies put even just one more penny in their pockets. That is evil incarnate. Then they turn around and have the gall to call themselves “Christians.” They grieve Christ.

    1. This Nick Fuentes is probably a FBI shill like the proud boys guy. Nobody doesn’t even know who he or he organization is.

    1. That’s what you, Trump, and the rest of the Trumplicans should be doing, looking at yourselves, instead of being biggoted hypocrites. Grow up crybaby.

    1. Right on right on . Mercy and amen. Seriously believe money grubbing Zionist Chuckie would sell out his mom and daughters if the price was right. Seriously believe the 6 million ALLEGEDLY killed by Nazis in WW2 concentration camps is VASTLY OVERSTATED, I.E. that number cannot be proven!

  1. This guy is a gargoyle of a human. The amount of lies he’s been caught spewing is seemingly never ending, and the fact that any news network will put what he says forward as truth is beyond me.

    1. Is it true that President Trump never drank? No wonder he your and everyone else’s debauchery.
      … Please don’t sue me.

  2. Well, words of an old timer to Schumer: it takes a greater human to not spread vile words. Look into your own pandora box and You will find greater sins that you have inflicted.

    1. When Trump was inoffuce schmuck filmed himself standing in front of a gas station I believe it was just before Trump had us energy independent ( which we are not now) screaming about how Americans were hurting under Trump at the pumpand screaming about him not standing up yo opec , you know the opec who ignored bidens phone calls for and refused to do a quid pro quo fir Joe just prior to the elections, where’s schmuck at now , we are HIGHER than the prices at their top under Trump after they have ” come down ” under Biden, schmuck?? Schmuck??? Where are youuuu?

  3. Reading through a lot of these comments I truly just wonder if there are that many lissenphalic people in the world or if just the minority that like to put their ignorance on public display because they peaked in high school and yearn for a sense of self-worth.

  4. Lmao! This is peak comedy. Instead of helping the people to go through this tumultuous & turbulent times, these clowns decided to deploy more Political Stunts.

    1. @richard genett nope. Billions of dollars were laundered and stolen in Ukraine and ftx and hunter is involved.
      Yawn… Uhh NEXT!

    2. @richard genett
      Why are you comparing apples to oranges?
      President Trump having a meal with subjectively unpalatable people is the same concern as a laptop that links a sitting president to Chinese spies, insider trading, treason, etc.?
      Don’t think with your emotions, bud.
      Think critically and objectively, leaving your emotions in your top dresser drawer.

    3. If you try really really really hard you might be able to become a bigger hypocrite. Not too sure you can do it. After all you are already a Trumplican trolling Democrats.

    4. @richard genett you’d be surprised at how many democrats are okay with it. Just like how they were okay with the hillary witch hunt.

      It’s weird how only one side of the political isle assumes their party can do no wrong. Almost like it’s straying from being a political party and more into a cult.

  5. Mr. Richard Hirschman, a mortician who has noticed a sharp increase in deaths related to heart attacks and strokes as of late, says he has pulled out strange looking blood clots from bodies he has embalmed.

  6. ‘These people’ have demons, and by these people I mean everyone who blame ‘those other people’ for all of their problems.

    And Those people who blame these people don’t understand that they’re both the same people.

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