Chuck Todd Asks Viewers To Help: Try To Buy One Extra Bag Of Groceries For Food Bank | MTP Daily

Chuck Todd Asks Viewers To Help: Try To Buy One Extra Bag Of Groceries For Food Bank | MTP Daily 1


WATCH: As Americans turn to food banks ahead of the holidays amid a raging pandemic, Chuck Todd asks viewers to help, if they are able. Aired on 11/19/2020.
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Chuck Todd Asks Viewers To Help: Try To Buy One Extra Bag Of Groceries For Food Bank | MTP Daily

39 Comments on "Chuck Todd Asks Viewers To Help: Try To Buy One Extra Bag Of Groceries For Food Bank | MTP Daily"

  1. Look how far America has fallen under the leadership of Donald Trump …..SAD 😥😢

  2. I’m not a wealthy person, but I donated $50 to my local Food Bank and it felt incredible. Please help others if you are able, snow shoveling walkways, mail/doctor/store rides, anything. All we have is each other, our government has abandoned it’s people.

  3. Thank you for encouraging us in our Compassion!

  4. Fish’n Baked 420 | November 19, 2020 at 3:04 PM | Reply

    ARE. YOU DONE #WINNING yet, so much winning you will say stop.

  5. Shameful… in the wealthiest country making a plea for citizens to take care of each other because we have a government of and for the people who won’t. Trump plays golf while the citizens he works for are dying and going hungry. Every press conference GOP members should have their feet held to the fire. Ask them what are they doing today that is productive for the Americans that employ them.

  6. remember how republicans have screamed about the tyranny of socialism and the threat of communism coming and taking over america and stealing the american dream????? forcing everyone into bread lines and unemployement lines???? oh and dont forget the death panals too that where coming for your grand parents!!! if you voted for the GOP at the state or federal level, congratulations you just cosigned all of this.

  7. Oh my, what is happening in the US? First world country with third world problems

  8. Pleading for food donations. It’s almost unbelievable that this is America 2020.

  9. So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, those of you that continue to defy wearing a mask, staying inside, and those of you that continue to go to gatherings, YOU ARE THE REASON WHY OUR ECONOMY IS NOT RECOVERING.  YOU ARE THE REASON WHY UNEMPLOYMENT CONTINUES TO RISE.  YOU ARE THE REASON WHY HEALTH CARE IS GOING TO BE EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE IN THE FUTURE. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY SMALL BUSINESSES CAN’T SURVIVE. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY PEOPLE CAN’T GET BACK TO WORK. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY TRAVELING HAS CAME TO A STOP. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY PEOPLE ARE DYING. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY HOSIPITALS ARE OVER WHELMED. You say the problem is you don’t want our government to control your life and tell you what you need to do.  Yet you won’t on your own do the responsible actions necessary to get this virus under control.  Our government should NOT HAVE to enforce actions to get ANYONE to corporate to save lives.  More than anything, why are you not listening to those nurses and doctors that are tired of working the long hours, those that have lost others in this profession while serving you?  They are dying as well, because those of you that seem to think the government is trying to control your liberties, when in fact they are simply trying to get the virus under control so you can go back to having a life again.  I guess if you have a dying wish to die from this virus, that’s your decision, but do you have to take others with you? Seriously, are you proud of yourself for being so defiant?

    • Very well said. I’m so sick of the fools that are working full time to deny reality, instead of just doing there simple commonsense things we all need to do to get this under control. Being an American comes with rights, but it also comes with responsibilities for the common good and general welfare.

  10. Investigative Audit | November 19, 2020 at 3:18 PM | Reply

    Never thought Americans will face these days! Nonetheless it makes Africans less humiliated.

    • We should thanks God he loose 2020 election. He was not capable to enter the White House. You can say unfortunately or Americans bad luck, whoever doesn’t have brain vote for him. He is only wants make money.

  11. Chet MacDonald | November 19, 2020 at 3:34 PM | Reply

    Citizenship: Where we dictate terms to our time, our day. May it not be hunger here, or abroad.

  12. Remember that Trillion Dollar tax cut for the top 1%.
    I think it’s pay back time gentlemen if you ever want to govern again.

  13. Trumps are charlatans , this says it all

  14. Dropped off some food at my local food bank here on Oahu. #fooddrive 🤙🏾

  15. I did that yesterday. They had bags already made up with a receipt on them at the door. You pick it up and put it with your items. They ring it up & it’s easy. I don’t have alot of money but I feel blessed that I paid off my mortgage & have no debt. This shouldn’t be happening in a country full of Billionaires!!

  16. Okay Chuck, I posted this segment on my FB page and in my group. Hopefully we can spread the word quickly and try to pitch in where we can. Even if it’s a couple of extra cans of tuna or chili in your pantry, every little bit helps.

    • Chris, you can also donate cash, our little town has a website that I can go make a donation, that way they’re buying what they need and it’s easier for people who are housebound ❤

  17. Trump and his family and the Republican don’t need to worry for thanksgiving or Christmas there stuffibg themselves

  18. SKPjoe Coursegold | November 19, 2020 at 4:45 PM | Reply

    it’s better to give $20, they can make it be $60.

  19. Many of the food banks take cash donations online, that’s what I do, that way they can put the money toward whatever is needed

  20. binjaygen muller | November 19, 2020 at 5:57 PM | Reply

    Very simple Question: What did Trump do positive for America and his People during the 4 years of ‘playing’ President?

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