CIA Director William Burns Secretly Met Taliban Leader In Kabul

CIA Director William Burns Secretly Met Taliban Leader In Kabul 1


  1. National Security and the Safety of those abroad are Top Priority. Every person. Afghanistan has the same goal as the whole world with covid Too get out alive with as little collateral damage as possible. Human rights. Not politics dark money Facebook. Just people.🌏

    1. @firestream93 i dont need to prove anything bro ..his record…the donations he’s accepted over the years from weapons industry etc …do your research and prove me wrong?

    2. @steveeolio His record? Because, things can’t be fabricated, right? I mean…there’s no way the media would put out false information, would they? Do you have a physical copy of these ‘records?’ I’d appreciate a copy.

    3. @firestream93 duhhhhhhhh…. his record is public record bro …conspiracies aint gonna change his decades old public record …try to get real just a bit

    4. @My Pillow Guy kinda bitched the withdraw effort but yes ..we need to get out …we absolutely should have started this evac weeeeeeeeks ago

    5. @Leonard Archuleta did trump trust the afghan army when he surrendered to the taliban with the aid of pompeo?

  2. *Trump:* So I will release 5000 of your fighters, we will leave by May 2021, and you will promise to be good boys?
    *The Taliban:* Yes, Donald, you are truly the most dealiest of great deal makers! See you at Camp David on 9/11!

  3. We gave them everything that we were leaving in order for them to grant us the time you have to read between the lines

    1. lies…..What did Diaper don tell them? Read that line…..Oh you don’t believe it…oh well…Bring em ALL home

    1. Yet when Trump did. It was the end of the world.
      You people and your two faced stupidity is pathetic

  4. Shows that Biden has LOST to Taliban BIG TIME…as his CIA director goes begging cap in hand to Taliban butchers….🙂

  5. Wow. Such great “journalism” you guys have out done yourselves once again!! Soo much to be proud of..

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