City of Ottawa gives teen $125 ticket for playing hockey on frozen pond

Some Kanata residents are upset that bylaw officers have stepped up enforcement at a local pond.

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    1. ​@Youtube music aren’t you the one who always complains we shouldn’t be spending money because there’s not enough money going to veterans? But now you’re telling someone to get a grip because they don’t want their tax dollars spent on rescuing someone who’s not being safe?

    2. @Liz Liz Actually what I stated is – JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent.

      That’s correct, get a grip on yourself already…

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚And they show the sign! I’m a S.C.U.B.A. diver, obey signs on beaches. The kid is not being safe.

    1. ​@Youtube music and you’re bragging of many fines/tickets?
      Tell me where you drive. I’ll avoid the area at all cost

    2. @Guylaine Lavoie No, I’m not bragging, I’m simply stating how it is…

      (I’m probably a much better driver than yourself, with much more training/experience)

    3. @Youtube music omg that is the funniest statement ever. I’ve had 3 parking tickets in 42 yrs. Certainly no speeding or moronic fines. Did I mention no accident?

    4. @Guylaine Lavoie What’s truly funny is your attempt at countering my statement….

      (My training/experience goes beyond your everyday normal)

  2. Just follow the law and regulations so you will be safe and alive! And… you can go home to your family instead of going to the hospital giving a hard time to your parents, relatives, friends and some officers and doctors and nurses… And waste our tax money!!!!
    This is so simple and not that hard to understand my dear!

  3. Rather than issuing a fine, if there are signs clearly warning of the danger, then make anyone who needs to be rescued pay the full costs associated with any city resources used to get them out of trouble and potentially save their life, including hospital costs. “at your own risk” will have more meaning.

  4. 24 inches of ice is adequate to drive a truck over it. This is a money grab. Did the kid breathe air as well????

  5. Wait….. what???
    This is CANADA…. we play hockey on puddles if they are big enough.
    This happened in Ontario???
    SHAME ON YOU !!!!!

    This is despicable.

  6. This needs a re-think. I’m sure if a committee is formed to assume responsibilities will work. A warning would have been better this time. Work together is right.

  7. This is ludicrous. They tell you to do sports and recreational activities and not get involved in crime and drugs, but if you do these wonderful life activities you get dinged for it?? Lmfao what a joke. And the cop said…water flow? Come on lol THE POND IS FROZEN!!!! I’m all the way over here in Quebec and I can clearly see that it’s very frozen and no water flowing. Ok like maybe spring or early winter but if you look at the color of the ice…it’s very frozen. Cops in Canada have to find new ways to make money so they just picked on him poor kid.

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