Claire McCaskill: Julian Castro Swung For The Fences And Failed | MSNBC

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill and Joy Reid join Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace and provide analysis on how Julian Castro did himself a disservice with his performance at the third Democratic Debate 2019.
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Claire McCaskill: Julian Castro Swung For The Fences And Failed | MSNBC


    1. Skippybilly Skippybilly That was THE best comment you could come up with to write on this video? Clearly you’re obsessed! Wow, even a punctuation mark or any one of the emojis would make more sense. Lmao

    1. Actually, he was correct. Biden doesn’t know that his own plan IS an “opt in” plan! Castro had a right to call him on it. The fool interrupted him to correct Castro when Castro was RIGHT. So he deserved to be asked if he forgot what he said… because he clearly forgot not only what he said, but what his own plan IS. Seriously, this is ridiculous.

    1. B K — Uh, actually Joy didn’t even bring up Kamala Harris…Nicole Wallace did. Joy (apart from “going to bat” for Biden) was complimenting Beto and Warren. ‘Sounds to me like you’re trying to insert some racial bias where none exists.

      Between you and “john emeigh” (the self-proclaimed “conservative” who handily agrees with your assessment), you seem like Russian operatives…or, perhaps, just a couple of 13 year old trolls.

  1. These people are clueless about average Americans. They’re still analizing like this was a debate from the 80’s. Our planet is on fire and they are worried about decorum. #Clueless

  2. I don’t care which of these people emerges at the top of the pyramid – I will vote for whoever is at the top of the Dem ticket – they all have flaws but none of them is a racist – I will not allow Trump to return to the White House after Jan of 2021.

    1. Biden is a little racist. Not big R racist, just little r racist, like fight school integration to please my bigoted parent consituency, but go along with other race neutral policies and be VP for a black dude, “I have a black friend” and “poor kids and white kids” casual racist. Still, a little racist.

  3. Republicans often frame Democrats as weak, yet when a Democrat (in this case Castro) actually talks tough and ruffles feathers of the Washington elite, he’s called out as hurting his message. I for one want a President who has good, progressive policy and is willing to buck the system/establishment to get things done! And sure, Castro isn’t the most progressive Democrat, but he certainly has been outlining specific policies and calling out corporate/establishment Democrats from all 3 Debates.

  4. Warren/Bernie 2020. Time for real change, not centrist/moderate/corporate/repub light “dems” like biden.

    That kind of status quo is part of the reason 45* was installed: many dems are sick of dems being almost as plutocrat as repubs and so didn’t vote for HRC (especially after the failed promise of obama, another corporate shill).

    1. You honestly think you’re going to win the White House by being more radical and even crazier? That what lost you people in 2016. And his name is Donald Trump and he’s your president whether you say it or not.

  5. personally Kamala is all over the page, from childish giggling to a street fight mud slinging approach with no substance confident politics in between.  Think she’s a wishy washy as Trump

  6. Agreed Booker was stellar tonight in his demeanor.  He’s calmed hi fury and presented his intellect and passion with more professionalism in the past.  He’s a sharp passionate person , though don’t think he’ll make presidency, needs a stronger future position in the white house.  He needs to head up arms control and criminal justice reform.  Beto also had a more poised confidence and deliverance.  I think Texas would love to see him in the Senate.

  7. Biden’s voting record shows what he is: morally unfit, and a DINO: repub lite/corporate dem.

    For mass incarceration
    For Iraq war
    For bankruptcy reform act
    For NAFTA
    Against school desegregation
    Against marriage equality

    He’s not a “safe choice centrist”; he’s the exact type of DINO that has done little to nothing for the 99% which has resulted in such voter anger that a revolt has occurred allowing 45* to be installed. If biden gets in, and even if he gets 8 years, sooner or later another 45* will come along because biden will do nothing for 99% of the people. And this new 45* might actually be competent, meaning democracy in the US will die. Warren/Bernie 2020: real dems with the progressive change we’ve needed for decades.

  8. Why are we listening to this loser Claire McCaskill? The only thing that can save Biden are electric resuscitation padels. CLEAR!!!!!!

  9. Castro was right on the button. Biden said that people would have to opt-in to the ACA and then two minutes later denied that people would have to opt in. Castro asked Biden had he forgotten what he said two minutes ago because he did say the thing he denied two minutes later. Had this been put to any other candidate nobody would be talking about it.

  10. So Biden says non-violent criminals should not be incarcerated. When Trump leaves office and is convicted on tax evasion (LOL), since income tax evasion is a non-violent offense, according to Biden, Trump won’t be incarcerated?

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