Claire McCaskill: Las Vegas Debate Was ‘A Presidential Version Of ‘Survivor” | MSNBC

Former Senator Claire McCaskill shares her thoughts on how the 2020 Democratic candidates did in the Las Vegas debate. Aired on 2/19/2020.
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Claire McCaskill: Las Vegas Debate Was 'A Presidential Version Of 'Survivor'' | MSNBC"


    1. I don’t like Bernie, and many in Congress don’t either. If he wins POTUS, expect a failed presidency. Good bye (so called) Democrats or Socialist, or whatever you are called, at that point.

    2. Warren needed two buckets of ice for her knuckles, she knock mike out, she knocked little butt out, she knocked silly Amy out, She knock oblivious Biden out completely.  She took it easy on her vice president Sanders.  Warren is smarter than anybody on that stage and probably anybody in the US Gov. FACTS MATTER !!

  1. Literally every candidate but Sanders said they’d steal the presidency if they had the opportunity. That should probably be concerning to Americans.

    1. Logical Yang was not in favor of removing existing health care plans. The goal is to make a free system for everyone that can compete with those plans. That is feasible. Adding 10 trillion to the health care bill so it’s all quality and single payer isn’t feasible.

    2. Aidan S he changed his position because of corporate pressure. He was calling his plan Medicare for all until he got pressured by the media to stop saying Medicare for all. But if you look at his original stand he was in favor of it because he said it’s cheaper and it give freedom to entrepreneurs not to worry about healthcare. Go to early debates if you need prove.

    3. @NDFOOTBALL No he isn’t he is seen in Europe just left of the center , can you tell me one thing that kapitalism have done for the people who make the system really work (the blue collar heroes) , I really doubt it all good things for workers like vacation , health care , paid overtime, unemployment benefits have all come from the socialist side , no I’m not saying that socialism is the answer there has to be a mix of both kapitalism and socialism .

    1. Warren needed two buckets of ice for her knuckles, she knock mike out, she knocked little butt out, she knocked silly Amy out, She knock oblivious Biden out completely.  She took it easy on her vice president Sanders.  Warren is smarter than anybody on that stage and probably anybody in the US Gov. FACTS MATTER !!

    2. No it means that the podcast was barely a minute and a half and therefore they didn’t have time to talk about every candidate on stage. It’s not always about Bernie.

    3. @The Deal Do you really think that if Biden or Bloomberg had been the front runner the front runner they wouldn’t have mentioned them ? By now it’s pretty obvious that they are scared he’s going to win , I just hope they change their minds if Bernie wins the nomination otherwise it’s for sure that Trump wins.

    4. @Perro dehontThis race is much bigger than Bernie Sanders. If you look at the Iowa and New Hampshire contests alone you will see that some 25% of the voters in those contests supported Bernie Sanders. This means that some 75% of the voters would rather have someone else as the nominee than him. Now he may win the nomination if the moderate candidates don’t get a clue and solidify around just one of them but the fact remains that 75% of the voters who have voted for him so far are not feeling him. Also with regard to this snippet of a podcast which lasted about a minute of a half the pundits fund the most interesting part of the debate that the candidates were attacking one another. The most fiery was Elizabeth Warren going after Bloomberg and Klobuchar duking it out with Buttigieg. I know that Bernie is your man but tonight he just wasn’t as interesting.

    1. Bill sell you still kicking that Russian collusion can down the street you should just go back into your mother’s basement play video games

  2. Corporate ‘news’ got what they wanted, drama/intensity instead of substance.
    Move the debates to the REAL news pros at PBS.
    .. Where female journalists aren’t the ‘hottest’ but the most competent.

  3. Bernie,Bernie,Bernie,Bernie, Bernie2020! Never Bloomberg yeah Bloomberg the top 1% can’t stand the fact that they are going to have to make the sacrifice and pay their fair share of taxes like every other Patriotic American has been doing! Time for real change time for a Man who cares about the wellbeing of every American not just the top1% and that real change is Bernie2020! FEEL THE BERN!🔥BERNIE2020!🔥

    1. bernie has said many times taxes to increase for anyone making over 29,000.00 top 5% pay around 90% of all income taxes

    2. @David Goldman , who care if 5 percent pay 90 %, they most likely owe another 5 % or more. They open dummy companies via their wives, they pay themselves the best retirements , benefits , healthcare , then have the audacity to funnel more to charities and write that off to. What a shell game they created. Now the companies they lead also overpay them and deduct all that from taxes also ,. It might be legal via the lobbyists and politicians they greased but they are the most amoral bunch of leaders preying on the masses of workers . Now cut out the corporate welfare also and America will prosper once again .

    1. The Bernie 2020 campaign is a direct threat to the undemocratic leverage that extremely wealthy individuals and huge corporations constantly exert on the political process. No wonder we’re now seeing so much anti-Bernie rage from leading corporate Democrats — eagerly amplified by corporate media like MSNBC. The USA deserves Trump.

    2. @Seudon Amous Bernie was great tonight. Idk why you don’t think so. All the attacks on him fell flat and most energy was put towards attacking Bloomberg. Bernie came in as the clear front runner and left with his front runner status even more clear with his main competition (Bloomberg) getting obliterated. Vegas odds reflect this. Bernie’s odds went up 3% after tonight’s debate and Bloomberg’s odds went down 3%. Bernie on avergae now has a 47% chance of winning, the highest its ever been.

    1. Warren needed two buckets of ice for her knuckles, she knock mike out, she knocked little butt out, she knocked silly Amy out, She knock oblivious Biden out completely.  She took it easy on her vice president Sanders.  Warren is smarter than anybody on that stage and probably anybody in the US Gov. FACTS MATTER !!

    2. @GiarkReleos She lied about her ancestry to get a job at a college, which means someone else did not get the job. She’s a disgraceful person. No shame.

    1. @The Deal I feel like these candidates dont reflect the democratic party. I say that as a republican myself who has many friends with different views than me. I can also say ide take Obama again over any of these, any day.

    1. @A T They cut out the part where every candidate besides Bernie said they will not necessarily support the candidate with the most votes if it goes to a contested convention. They did not relaese it in it’s entirety, just as I expected.

    1. @Coach Rambo Well the Great Socialist Bernie Sanders would just be viewed as left of the center in may European countries , I agree with people that say socialism doesn’t work but to be honest kapitalism doesn’t work either , extremes have never worked in the long run on either side . Kings and other royalty was just a form of kapitalism and it’s thanks to socialism that we have vacations , regulated working hours , paid overtime , unemployment benefits . To all kapitalist name one thing they have done for the working class heroes :

    2. @Perro, ya I totally agree with you on extremes. I don’t want government run everything. There’s things I want government to run like the military, police, fire dept, education and Healthcare. Everything else I want the private sector to run. Sanders has already said he’s not for socialised everything. He’s a Socialist by American standards because everyone else in government is a capitalist that doesn’t believe in government running anything. We got politicians that want to privatize everything from police to education. So here in America if you’re for the government running anything you’re basically a socialist.

    3. @karen morrison NO actually you “come on”. We the ordinary non-rich people of this nation are sick & tired of your milk toast middle of the road REPUBLICAN disguised as a”liberal” or a democrat.

    4. Coach Rambo – And think about this one: NASA, went to the moon, only took 9 years. N stands for National, yep government run. False narrative for the Non honest players in the Right wing. They decry and subvert democracy and shill for oligarchs. Stockholm Syndrome much?

  4. A very important comment: no discussion about the dangers currently facing the rule of law in the US. It is so true: this is the most ominous threat facing the US right now. I’m not even convinced it’s only tied to Trump’s presidency and that it will magically vanish if that Orange Monster gets kicked out of his WH playground.
    I think that the recent pseudotrial of Trump’s impeachment by the Senate was a disgrace and a complete exhibition of pure fascism in 2020, which had nothing to envy from that demonstrated by the SS and Hitler during the 30s in prewar Germany. Yes, the USA have nosed down very low under Donald Trump, and the disgusting behavior of the GOP during that whole comedy was a nauseating spectacle. If nothing is done, if nobody comes up and inspires the American people to uphold more human dignity, I fear for the future of that country. And the world’s too…

  5. I am not voting for a billionaire who has an objective of protecting his fortune. We need a wealth tax on the top 1%

    1. @free2express08 It’s the lefties that like to do the yelling … Most ANTIFA are lefites … You didn’t know?

    2. @Perro dehont Still doesn’t work. We’re talking about $35 trillion … And that’s just for Medicare For All – alone. (We haven’t even gotten to subsidized college tuition, and some of Liz and Bernie’s other goodies)

    3. @Zorn Casteel Well just look at Europe where they have a working health system with lower cost , and a bigger population . so tell me why is it possible in Europe and not in the USA . And it won’t cost 35 trillion .

  6. Mention EVERYONE including the irrelevant losers but not Bernie Sanders!!!
    God forbid if the corporate media mentions his name or even acknowledge his very existence….

    1. CNN even gave Bernie props for winning. MSNBC is by far the worst when it comes to hating on Bernie. They don’t even try to hide it now.

    2. We know they can establishment or “corporate” Democrats to win the nomination. Though I would vote for Warren, Biden, or Buttigieg before Trump, I would prefer someone like Sanders to win.

    3. @Magister in Artium People like me agree with you. Many in our country have been lied to by the social elites and very rich who are also making our friend here, fearful. Bernie Sanders plans are all to help those who are not very rich.

    1. Yes, but he’d have to rub elbows with us Cretins, so he’ll probably just order in his own doctor. The rich can always do that, you know.

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