Claire McCaskill On Republicans’ Argument That Impeachment Is Unconstitutional | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Claire McCaskill On Republicans’ Argument That Impeachment Is Unconstitutional | Deadline | MSNBC


Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill and lead counsel during Trump’s first impeachment Daniel Goldman react to Republican Senators reverting to their muscle memory of “hiding under the desk,” as Trump’s lawyers argue against the constitutionality of impeaching a former president. Aired on 02/08/2021.
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Claire McCaskill On Republicans’ Argument That Impeachment Is Unconstitutional | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Clearly it is Constitutional. Trump was impeached before he left office & the Constitution states “ALL impeachments must be tried in the Senate” and makes no mention as too whether someone is or isn’t in office.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Wrong. First, I don’t “listen to and follow” what President Trump says, but rather, I look at all the great things he’s done. Second, you need to stop going to left-wing sites for your indoctrination. Merriam-Webster dictionary: Nazi
      : a member of a German fascist party controlling Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler. Fascism : a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

    2. @NeoMcCarthyist it is obvious you do follow trump, he has NOT done great things.
      The Nazi Party was the radical far-right movement and political party led by Adolf Hitler. Its formal name was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP). Nazi ideology was racist, nationalist, and anti-democratic. It was violently antisemitic and anti-Marxist.
      This what trump followed and people like,

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis He HAS done a lot of great things, but oh well, back to more war, more spending, more quantitative easing, more taxing and more unemployment without addressing the underlying issue. And as I stated, Nazism had more attributes of the left than the right. And don’t forget, when President Trump won, Democrats were almost as mad as the time when the Republicans took away their slaves…

    1. When did he tell the mob to attack the capitol. Quote it.
      But you are the same sheep who lied about a capitol cop getting beaten with a fire extinguisher
      Go ahead sheep… Tell me I’m lying.

    2. @Calvin Parish For months T rump was lying about the election being stolen if he didn’t win — including even before the election. At least subsequent to the Electoral College vote, he’d been rousing crowds with “STOP” the steal language. He then arranged for a “stop the steal” rally in DC on the day the Electoral College was to present the votes to Congress. That date he further roused the mob with more talk about stolen election and “stop” the steal and fighting for country. He specifically told the mob to march to the capitol and, lying to the mob again, he even said he’d BE THERE with them. His “stop” the steal rally mob then proceeded to the Capitol to “stop” the EC from delivering the votes to Congress. That other supporters of his may or may not have been closer to Capitol already planning to invade the Capitol does not negate the fact that they were there in DC in response to his request his supporters be there to “stop” the steal. NONE of his supporters would have been there in the Capitol building had T rump not fed them lies. Time line:

  2. I I am so looking forward to when I don’t read or hear about that ex crooked president. I am tired, I thought I would get some sleep (a good one) after he was out of office, but not yet.

    1. @Calvin Parish the Trump name from the core is corrupt and immoral. You can call me what you like, that is what Trump does when others disagree, your the lemming.

    2. @Brenda Thomas come on Brenda, he doesn’t care about you and his followers. He knows you are lemmings and he exploits that fact. There is nothing but pain and sorrow that follows that man. I use the term”man” loosely.

    1. Perhaps so, for sure Trump should go dark. Dems need a makeover from top to bottom, when you win politically but lose your soul

    2. They are not true Republican’s. They are imposters posing as Republcan’s. Republicans put Country First! They are GOPQ, THEY WORSHIP ONE MAN THAT IS DJT, WHO ARE APART OF QANON’S, KKK, AND OTHER GROUPS THAT DON’T BELIEVE IN U.S. DEMOCRACY.

  3. This whole fiasco is the definition of insanity… we keep going on and on and … expecting a different result/outcome from the GOP.

    1. But we can’t just ignore an attempt to over through a fair and legal election. We can’t just ignore that. No matter how the weak Republicans vote.

  4. That’s right but the Republicans keep saying Impeached after he left office .He was impeached while he was in office only the trial part is after he left office and that’s because McConnell wanted to postpone the trial to give Trump time to get ready .

    1. I will add that if Mike Pence had fallen off a moral cliff with Trump, that might have been super bad, thank God for Pence agnostic though I am

    2. 8+ million more voted against trump, to up hold the constitution! It had nothing to do about, albeit he wants everything about him, but only on his approval. He’s such a cryē bābè whoosh~

    3. @Sam Harris Don’t forget the insurectionist brought wood, an made a gallow for VP Pence. If anyone believes that they wouldn’t have done him harm, you are helplessly nīévèt and you maybe one and the problem

    4. @Calvin Parish Calvin, with all due respect, lyou lost your argument with everyone in this thread at, “You sheep” You are entitled to your opinion and your predictions I suppose because no one has lost their guns, etc. I’m not typing out all you said because that list was a narrative manufactured in fear that is pushed by the party.. Trump was just a puppet dangling on their strings. You don’t have to accept that if you don’t want to but the next time you want to address a group of people that don’t see your point of view and you want to actually sway them into seeing your side, DO NOT act like a three year old throwing a tantrum and don’t address anyone as, “You sheep.” You don’t have to disrespect others in order to argue your point. That just shows how unsteady your own position is on the issue. Just saying. You don’t have to agree with that either but at least consider it.. thanks and be blessed.

  5. Even if Trump is not convicted, his trial will bring forward evidence that otherwise might not have come out.

    Evidence that will be in future history books.

    1. what he already said it to America, regardless if I like him or not or you like him or not, this is still a citizen of America and he already said what he said out in public that’s why the civil officer won’t even be there he won’t take part of it because it is unconstitutional.
      Us Americans allow things like this to continue happening and whatever happens to us because of it shame on us, right is right and wrong is wrong, and when you’re given one side more power to just do what they think they want to do, and people allow it that is dangerous.
      That can cause Americans to start something that doesn’t need to be started, most people are just overlooking this.
      maybe others should go on a military bases and hang out and listen to the men and women.
      these things I’ll tell you right now there’s not a service man or woman that’s happy with a democratic side whatsoever, and I live around two of the largest bases in America.
      These are my friends they are my mates and it’s not even a joke.

    2. @Calvin Parish

    3. Those history books will also tell how Obama / Biden had four US citizens assassinated by dones, which is a war crime.

  6. Chaney is standing up at long last, but let’s not forget she voted with blondie’ 97% percent of the time’ according to Chaney.

    1. Oh really?? I wasn’t keeping up with her before. Which was one of the few who do you mean Blondie you mean Greene? Ut oh

  7. Has anyone seen the movie The Sum of All Fears with Ben Affleck? Gee, I love how they got the bad guys at the end of the movie who tried to destroy democracy.

  8. Ok then, if you’re unwilling to hold him accountable through impeachment, I guess it’s up to the AG to bring federal charges.

    Way to think things through, there!

    1. I don’t think anyone could prove his intent to have them attack the capitol and Trump would get away with it easy.

    2. Remember when you betas said there was quid pro quo… And could not quote the transcript where trump used quid pro quo?

    3. @Calvin Parish “We want you to do us a favor though..” then it was not a favor for the country, but a personal political favor. It was corrupt and an abuse of power to withhold then leverage military aid for his own personal benefit.

  9. I really admire Liz Cheney, someone I would not normally agree with–It proves to me that those of us who love our democracy is thicker than the ideology that separates us.

    1. They are imposters posing as Republcan’s. True Republcan’s put Country First! These people ARE GOPQ. They worship one man and that’s DJT.


  11. brilliantly said, ty all. and if they don’t convict then we must be ready to vote them out, and vote no more gqp’s in, at every election!

  12. Let’s all remember that puppet mitch was the one who decided there would be no hearing until after Biden was sworn in. Barf for life, Mitch. You don’t get to say anything for your allegiance with trump, not America! Boo this man!!

  13. So Republicans say it’s Unconstitutional while the same ones leading the charge conceded it was the right thing to do in Bill Clinton’s situation.

    1. You are so right. Cheating on your wife while President is impeachable but leading an insurrection isn’t go figure.

  14. Essentially, every single Senator is on trial for their permanent political and human reputations.

    It is not just donald trump on trial here.

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