Clarence Thomas accepted several luxury trips paid for by GOP megadonor

Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, conservative activist Ginni Thomas, have gone on several luxury trips involving travel subsidized by and stays at properties owned by a GOP megadonor, according to a new bombshell report published by ProPublica. #CNN #News


  1. This is a man whose confirmation hearing was dominated by sexual harassment allegations, and whose wife aided a coup attempt. While Republicans defend him, they asked Ketanji Brown Jackson questions like “Is murder bad” and “Define woman”. It’s insane that this guy was chosen to replace Thurgood Marshall’s place on the court.

    1. Absolutely sad. He should get out and the rules and laws should be strengthened. The guy loves freebies. His wife too. Talk about grifters

  2. What a surprise, the trips were “never disclosed”. I thought Republicans stood for transparency? And of course Ginny is in the middle of this as well. They aren’t conservative, they are out of control.

    1. @Ans S. What if Obama had paid for it? Or, would it have been a problem if Thomas had paid the trip for the donor in question?

    2. @Mark Brooks  So, it’s a crime that you are not reporting the Christmas gifts you receive each year?

    3. @John Peters you mean obamna?
      Let me type slow, try to keep up-
      The action is the issue, not the tribe actor belongs to.
      Not that it is a Republican donor- an UNDISCLOSED DONOR.
      You need that crayons?

      Here, you like questions, try this-
      Would you be upset if you found out a judge has been vacationing for years with SOROS?
      would you want to get a judge to recuse himself
      Especially since no one knew about it?
      Justice wears a blindfold for a reason.

    1. ​@Kenneth Sonia well with him having twitter hiding damagin information against hin its no suprise he won, or that it only happens in the middle of the night.

  3. I don’t understand why Clarence Thomas hasn’t been put off the US Supreme Court for several things he’s done, including what his wife has done and him continuing to vote on things when it’s clearly a conflict of interest. If ever there was a group that needed a code of ethics at a minimum to follow. It’s our US Supreme Court! Outrageous!

  4. They have to be breaching their contracts as employees of the federal government in order to break these rules and laws, so hold them accountable and FIRE 🔥 THEM.

  5. It’s so sad to hear more of what is unacceptable being done by our Supreme Court … the entitled have no limits to thumbing their noses at our democracy.

  6. This man’s choices have been questionable for decades but he’s still in a very important position and it’s sickening

    1. Right wing democrats chose to keep the filibuster instead of doing that. These extremists need to overturn the “oligarchs united” decision

  7. These judges need investigated, held accountable and removed from all courts. Thank you to Senator Whitehouse who has been trying to get the dark money donors a thing of the past.

  8. As someone who has worked in finance, budget and expense for non-profit, I’ve seen plenty of government disclosure forms come past my desk. Especially, when you are lobbying, advocating to government officials. We didn’t play around with these forms. It’s a huge deal if you don’t report accepting or giving anything without full disclosure that can later be perceived as gifts, favors and bribes. But this is another example of the law applies to us, not them.

    1. If he or she is an OBVIOUS scoundrel and the party that inserted him or her on the Court insists on blocking impeachment to remove the guilty, flagrant Justice, the people are left with few recourses to remedy the situation. Unlike the French of old, Americans are much to tolerant of those in office who ignore their oaths of office. A day might come, when that won’t hold true. In stating the preceding, I do not suggest what should be done, but rather, what is possible when, citizens become more adamant that those elected to office perform their duties, with truth and integrity. I am merely a student of history and human nature, reminding folks, there really is a limit to how patient people who have sacrificed to preserve the Constitution, or have/had loved ones lost doing so, will be with those who never served, but ignore or piss on, the Constitution/laws with impunity.

    2. @Walter Turner : And your remarks are most salient. Well taken. Who will listen, though? Usually, it is only such observations that are made in retrospect, to explain why and how an uprising occurred. Let us hope wiser heads prevail before such times repeat themselves. Though, just don’t bet any money on it.

  9. No justice or judge should be allowed to accept gifts from anyone. Their families and businesses should be included in that.

  10. Even if these gifts do not have to be reported at the Supreme Court level, they must be respected as taxable benefits on their joint tax returns. If these are not declared, this is an easy case of tax fraud.

  11. WOW, so much for the Supremes being above reproach and ethical. Time for an oversight committee to change how they are appointed and for how long. Also there needs to be a committee to pull them off a case if there is a hint of impropriety, as they cannot seem to recuse themselves due to Ego.

  12. Even if the conduct itself were innocent, it is highly unethical for a judge to accept gifts like this or any, for that matter. This is really shocking. Judges have done time for less.

  13. Term limits for Supreme Court Justices!! Some sort of disciplinary process needs to be set up to hold them accountable for inappropriate conduct! No one is above the law!! Not even them!!

  14. “We bought access but didn’t use it. Honest.” – every businessman who ever gave a politician money

  15. So let me get this straight. I, a low level bureaucrat, have to disclose any payments or gifts I get. Yet judges on the highest bench in the land don’t have to? So sick of the hypocrisy.

    1. The hypocrisy will never ever end until people stop accepting it and also enabling it by tolerating those who do.

  16. We need to break the shell that surrounds the Supreme Court. Everything they do, every penny they make, every purchase they make should be open information.

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