Clarence Thomas defends lavish vacations. Hear AOC’s response

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) joins CNN's Dana Bash to discuss a federal judge's controversial abortion ruling, as well as ProPublica's report stating that Justice Clarence Thomas has gone on several luxury trips involving travel subsidized by a GOP megadonor.

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  1. I’m hearing crickets!
    I hear a lot of silence from the other justices whether on the supreme court or not. I’m guessing the corruption runs deeper than meets the eye. Good for me, cause I’ll use this as an excuse to get out of jury duty. We can’t hold people at the bottom to a higher standard. Lol

  2. If justice Thomas was even asking about whether or not receiving overly generous gifts was illegal or legal, he definitely knew the answer to that question

    1. @loose lips sink ships strange i missed that part ,would ypu dare to rename these facticious list,no didn’t think you would

  3. How would you not want to go on vacation with Clarence Thomas, he appears to be such a bundle of fun…

    1. @HyperactiveNeuron Yup. That’s exactly what was meant with the row of periods at end of comment.

  4. To quote a Canadian Politician David Dingwall. “I’m entitled to my entitlements”

  5. one of the biggest examples of our undemocratic corrupt system–lifetime appoints of “people” who are actually above the law. He and that guy Ginni deserve each other, we don’t.

    1. People who lost touch of the majority.
      Yet the majority pays their salaries but they forget that.

    2. @H J “We will doubtless spend a few news cycles expressing outrage that Harlan Crow has spent millions of dollars lavishing the Thomases with lux vacations and high-end travel and barely pretended to separate business and pleasure, giving half a million dollars to a Tea Party group founded by Ginni Thomas in 2011 (which funded her own $120,000 salary). But because the justices are left to police themselves and opt not to do so, we will turn to other matters in due time. Before the outrage dries up, however, it is worth zeroing in on two aspects of the ProPublica report that do have lasting legal implications. First, the same people who benefited from the lax status quo continue to fight against any meaningful reforms that might curb the justices’ gravy train. *Second, the rules governing Thomas’ conduct over these years, while terribly insufficient, actually did require him to disclose at least some of these extravagant gifts*. The fact that he ignored the rules anyway illustrates just how difficult it will be to force the justices to obey the law*: Without the strong threat of enforcement, a putative public servant like Thomas will thumb his nose at the law.

  6. I’m all for Supreme Court term limits, but in all honesty, I don’t feel term limits are going to curb the illegal sh*t that goes on.

    1. @T best?? So cortex can go on vacation where there was no mask mandate? Man! Don’t she have better things to do than go on cable no nothing and spill nonsense on something she doesn’t have a clue of what she’s talking about?!🥺🙄🙄you seriously take what she says seriously?!

  7. We the people , need to hold these people accountable , while black rock , micro soft and all their shell companies , including banks and foreigners buying all the farm land jacking up all the prices ! Killing small farms and supermarkets alike !!!

  8. We’ve been using expensive doctors, nurses, and research. When we could have been using the judicial branch for our health information all along

  9. The guy has been getting gifts and vacations from rich people for 30-40 years how can that not be a conflict of interest

  10. I’m wondering as a foreigner to the US, why is it that there appears to be no formal code of ethics for SCOTUS justices?

  11. Should the courts be running the FDA? I thought that this is the responsibility of the Executive Branch. Don’t we have a separation of powers or is the court taking over all three branches of the government?

    1. did you read the opinion? do not take anybody’s interpretation of what the opinion means as fact especially political and media types. Read the opinion and make up your own mind about what you think about it, Wayne.

  12. There should definitely be term limits on Supreme Court Justice. The amount of money and gifts that he received is extremely large and can be considered a form of bribery. This needs to stop immediately. It sounds like there is a huge conflict of interest and that Supreme Court Justice should step down to uphold Integrity with our courts.

  13. Dear Clarence Thomas; I worked for a public university, paying the bills. Once in a while this poor guy who owned a little donut shop would come in to try to get us to pay him. We were notorious for constantly being three months behind in payments. He would bring in one dozen donuts for us. We could not accept them.

    You should try to imagine how I feel about you right about now. Not a single good thing comes to mind.

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