Clashes between taxi, Uber drivers in Cancun prompt US security alert | USA TODAY

The State Department issued a travel advisory in Mexico as taxi drivers have started harassing and attacking Uber drivers and passengers.

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Taxi drivers even blocked one of the main roads leading to the hotel district in the resort city of Cancun Monday. That forced some tourists to walk or catch rides in police pickups to get their flights out, or check-in.

The State Department advised travelers that "past disputes between these services and local taxi unions have occasionally turned violent, resulting in injuries to U.S. citizens in some instances."

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  1. Y la gobernadora que también tiene taxis,,,nada más se rasca el ombligo,,,que vergüenza para México 🇲🇽

  2. Seems like these ignorant taxi drivers need to either lower their prices for a taxi cab or switch to ride-share also. You can’t make people take a taxi if there are other travel options in which they prefer.

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