Classic Mustang, Plymouth Satellite and other cars get electric upgrade | USA TODAY

A group of car enthusiasts and tinkerers are turning old sports cars and muscle cars into electric vehicles.

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  2. How to ruin a classic… and no one is gonna fall for buyin electric vehicles once they find out how unreliable and expensive the parts are.

    1. To each their own but I like both classic and modded versions of old classics if u got classic brakes it’s a safety Hazzard so it’s actually bad, if u put better brakes u make the world a safer place

    2. Classic headlight lamps only shine like 10 feet in front of u if there’s a deer 15 feet in front ull never know so upgrading to hid or leds is a must too if u drive at night

    3. Muscle cars r not just classic cars they’re built for racing and a stock one isn’t fun to race compared to a 1000hp ls2 swapped one

    4. Carroll Shelby modded mustangs in a tasteful manner and renamed them so by ur logic he ruined a classic stock weak ford?

    5. If u put volk te37s on classic cars they’ll pollute less accelerate better and stop better and what’s wrong with putting lightweight racing wheels on any classic?

  3. So you’re basically taking away what makes these cars special. It’s interesting from an engineering standpoint, but I would never consider converting a classic/muscle car into an EV.

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