'Clean Energy Is Working In Every Region And It's Less Expensive' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

‘Clean Energy Is Working In Every Region And It’s Less Expensive’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, who previously ran the EPA under President Obama, joins Andrea Mitchell ahead of a U.S.-led climate summit to discuss the Biden administrations actions and commitments to fight climate change. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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'Clean Energy Is Working In Every Region And It's Less Expensive' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Stop subsidizing oil. Subsidize solar and wind. Oil companies will become solar and wind producers relatively quickly. Jobs will transfer well.

    1. Oil & Gas have a chance. Methane Pyrolysis is a process which uses energy to split hydrocarbons into solid carbon as a waste product that can be disposed and hydrogen as a fuel. It takes 75 kilojoules to transform 1 mole of Methane into an amount of hydrogen worth 570 kilojoules. If done with renewables this process is entirely CO2 free. The company “Monolith Materials” in Nebraska does this already, they use a variant of Methane Pyrolysis developed in Norway which uses a plasma discharge. This method works with both natural gas and oil.

    2. @trump epstein It does already happen. Monolith Materials has a potent partner: Mitsubishi. They intend to build up to 30 such hydrogen plants in the United States. Hydrogen is not only a potential fuel for electric cars, but is today already used in Europe as a fuel for ships, trains, will be used in the upcoming Airbus ZEROe passenger jet and in carbon free production of steele by ThyssenKrupp. It is also needed in the production of ammonia for fertilizers.
      Methane Pyrolysis is in fact the most energy efficient way known to produce hydrogen. As an intermediate transition technology it has a great potential, it will help big oil to adapt to a green transition and thus break its resistance.

    3. @Todd Hendricks What “Monolith Materials” uses is an improved version of the Kværner process. It was developed in the 1980s in Norway and works both with natural gas and oil. It is in fact the most energy efficient method to produce hydrogen which is currently known.
      And they are not the only ones, in Germany it is BASF which works on a Methane Pyrolysis method which works with heat instead of electricity.

  2. Why are old people from last century trying to hold onto their old jobs when they are not able to come up with any new idea for this century?
    give the young a chance

  3. Is there a reason that the Unions couldn’t invest in, and build, Employee Owned, Wind and Solar farms themselves??

    1. In 2035 major car manufacturers will simply completely phase out combustion motors and it will certainly take another 10 to 15 years until gas stations will either disappear OR, and this is more likely, offer battery swapping as a service. Aluminium-Air-Batteries offer a range of 2500 kilometers, but they cannot be recharged inside the car, they have to be brought to an aluminium electrolyzer in a factory. So they will either swap the entire battery or they will simply take out the used aluminium hydroxide and refuel it with new aluminium.

    2. @Piotr Trebisz

      The adoption curve for E vehicles is a lot steeper than cell phones. Once cell phones became inexpensive they replaced phone booths and land lines in less than a decade.

      We’re already at the point where production restrictions by the largest oil producers are necessary just to support the low price oil is at now. Small US oil companies are already going out of business at the current price of oil. When E Vehicles cause a permanent oil glut on the markets, oil becomes too expense to take out of the ground. US oil jobs will mostly be gone like coal jobs are now and before full adoption of E Vehicles.

      And the full adoption of E Vehicles actually depends more on battery tech and price. By 2025 we’ll start to see new Vehicles that same price as traditional autos and then they’ll start getting cheaper.

    3. @Ralph Boyd Yeah Bro, I know. It will not take long until electric cars will outperform gasoline cars in sales, but millions of old cars will be still around for many years and this is why gas stations will not disappear so quickly.

    4. @Piotr Trebisz
      IC Engine cars are technically the most advanced and reliable in history with an average usable economical lifespan of about ten years.

      By 2000 you could say the same about the CRT Televisions. People have thrown away millions of working units because flat screens are cheap and far superior. And that’s the thing about technology, it just gets better and the products get cheaper.

      We’re entering a new age of man as distinct as the transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. In the next century everything changes and E Vehicles along with the exit from hydrocarbon energy may be the least of it.

  4. Carbon emissions are serious. Have we stopped selling dirty coal to China? Also, I’m deeply disturbed by the amount of plastic in the ocean and landfills. China has stopped accepting our plastic waste. Please include plastic waste in your plans for a good environment. We don’t actually recycle much plastic.

    1. Thanks to the far east, carbon output worldwide grows every year. Thankfully climate poppycock is a sociological issue compared to the grand silly threat of vast climate deaths

    2. @dskwared2u One short example look at 10 day Austin forecast, and I will recollect an April in the 1990’s where half the days reached 90 degrees.

    3. @Sam Harris OK dude, I’m getting the feeling you don’t believe in climate change at all. Regardless, you can’t dispute methyl mercury in fish and huge amounts of plastic in the ocean. Have you been to the ocean lately? Anyway, every person must believe pollution is a serious issue. I personally don’t believe moving to Mars is a solution since Mars doesn’t have breathable air. Let’s all get together and attempt to control pollution. Don’t you believe pollution is serious?

  5. Once again, research the “Golden Sandwich” solar panels from 2018. 11 times more efficient than solar panels on the market. And they use a tiny amount of gold.

  6. The crusty inverted naysaying skeptics always fly their banners of idiocy proudly as if… the rest of the sanity in humanity gives a windmill what they think.

    1. there is power in numbers . A living wage matters . I’m sick of writing check to billionaires .

  7. Anyone with a thick Northeast accent turns me off almost as much as anyone with a thick Southern accent. I don’t believe a word either one says.

  8. I have been waiting for this problem to be addressed and taken care of since the ’70 what took them so long? Was it so rich could make more money from oil?

    1. @Jay Gibson Capitalism is not in danger at all. The transition away from fossil fuels to CO2 free energy sources will pave the ground for new companies and new industries which so far existed in the shadow of big oil. They can now flourish and you will see that in the years and decades to come more jobs will be ceated in these new sectors than are being lost.

  9. My entire house is solar powered. All of my electricity is 100% free and I’m causing no carbon pollution whatsoever. So if I can do it, then other people can do it too.

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