Clifton Residents on Edge over Demolition | TVJ News – Oct 6 2022


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  2. I understand it’s not them land but place does families somewhere b4 do so…Andrew have strength for law abide citizens but still don’t have no plans for crime

  3. Corruption, corruption, corruption you do not treat human beings like this.

    The MP and Mayor of the area should have been engaged to move the people to another area.

    The sugar company of Jamaica has been used to hold many sugar estate land without protection of the people who originally lived on those lands for generations.

    Why is there no one to protect the interests of the poor working people?

    In whose interest were the houses bulldozed flat?

  4. My prime minister. Dead. Years. Ago. God. Bless. His. Soul. Di. Best. Minister. Jamaica. Ever. See. Micheal manly

  5. The MP assigned to the area had to know about this and turn a blind eye to it…
    Now an issue has become a huge problem…always reactive…never proactive.

  6. Yuw unno ppl is why Jamaica can’t prosper every slackness, unno support, the land do not belong to them, you can’t squat on ppl land, and build on it without attaining the land through the legal process, this is why Michael Manley could never be my prime minister, because that the type of things he would have done, have ppl squat on land without acquiring legally. All some a unno a chat I hope these same people go squat on your land and build on it.

    1. You would think these people would understand that squatting is illegal but no, they turn a blind eye and expect people to sympathize with them. they should tear all of the illegally built homes as people cannot continue expecting to get something without going through the proper channels.

  7. Give them the bitter medicine Andrew Foul mess haha haha🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔hahaha

  8. this not about who you vote for we are to understand if the government owns the lands or people who living aboard dont buy none some day you will see who turn up am shaken up seeing what happen to our poor trying hardworking people

  9. If you build on land any where in the world that the country list as conservation the same will happen. In the states if its land with water and animals especially endangered animals. But they should help them find land near by because this could not be good for the economy.

  10. Omg the government of Jamaica 🇯🇲 have strength to demolish whatever they want 😢but what about the roads in the community of Jamaica 🇯🇲 where’s the love ❤️

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