Close Schools – Experts | Jamaica Still at Top of Corrupt Caribbean Country List – Jan 25 – 2022

Close Schools - Experts | Jamaica Still at Top of Corrupt Caribbean Country List - Jan 25 - 2022 1


  1. Against school open
    Rather be behind in education than loss of life. Gov. Should provide free internet to students. Help parents cope. Both sides of this have points.

    1. @Sheron Robinson the truth always hurt .Alot if these parents are tired of the extra mouths to feed and no money

    2. Dunce people love call people dunce .never you call someone dunce .you don’t even know if the person dunce yes or not .kmt

    3. Well they not getting internet connection in a lot of rural areas so what is going to happen. Education is the key to take us to where we want to be. Jamaica in trouble

  2. If the school is closed and persons from the household is still going out, the children are at equal risk. Let the children go to school. Let’s pray for the administration, and our children and don’t send them out in fear. Fear kills.

    1. You cannot pray away crime and violence 🙏. You have to meet it head on..Faith without work is dead 💀.

    2. Thats what this covid is all about, to put fear on us all. Come on man these children already dont know anything. Let the children go to school because they are so much risk being home.

  3. You can’t have a country that never prosecute rich people that are corrupt and expect to get a better grade.

    1. @Journey With Keleene corrupt government officials are included. Government officials are acting for the rich that keeps them in power.
      God not sleeping though.

  4. I’m on a 5050% of closing school but my kids needs education 🤦 father God what are we going to do the future is uncertain smh

  5. government need to invest more in school sanitizing and cleaning , and adults need to take more responsibility.

  6. With ComAndrew and him cabinet of thieves it can’t better, everyday we hear money get stolen and shortly after it is gone from the airways plus no one is ever prosecuted but continue to get paid with taxpayers money 😂

  7. If jamaica want to get rid of corruption it have to be a top down, start from the priminister go down ,polition bring all the elegal gun in the country.

  8. If the head of the stream is corrupt then corruption will surely flow down the stream. Who is there to hold these corrupted persons accountable? …..

  9. How are we going to get rid of corruption when corruption is at the foundation of the two main political parties ,both with policies and members

  10. The school needs more money from the government. Up to now my daughter’s school haven’t received any funding from the government for basic cleaning and sanitization and we are in a pandemic, sad.

  11. Trevor stop making excuses Jamaica is corrupt,we don’t need to know who we are behind…Corrupt people can’t investigate other corrupt people….People need to be held accountable and stop moving into different position with high pay and better benefit…

  12. Well..I am a teacher, and it’s just a matter of time wherein I will be infected..The school has NO MONEY to sanitize the school the right way!…The classes are crowded, and to deal with your class and the learning loss..Protocols fly out the window..or else you will be a wreck by the time you reach home to your family..You just have to go through and hope for the best…..We are now front line workers..Students are present without resources is not a good look..

    1. The virus is not a death sentence and varies much like the flu for how bad it gets. The natural immunity is shown in many international studies to be highly effective and long lasting.

  13. Face to face is not making any sense for my children, they are scheduled to go to school only 6 days for the month, and when they are at home, the teachers do not come online because they are at school, so my children are being engaged less than when they were home, I’m all for the schools closing

  14. The government don’t care about the good of the country what exactly they doing to make this country better

  15. Well I can tell you this teachers in SVG are considered front line workers. Over 200 were made redundant last year December for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine. School continued this New school term face to face. Well the jabbed up teachers were still coming down with COVID-19 and a number of schools had to go back to online teaching.

    We just have to deal with COVID-19. Pray, eat healthy exercise, sanitize and social distance. If you catch the virus, take lots of vitamins (zinc, Vitamin c, ivermectin) steam and drink bush.

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