Clyburn Torches Barr For Comparing Covid-19 Quarantine To Slavery | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Clyburn Torches Barr For Comparing Covid-19 Quarantine To Slavery | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


After Trump's AG Barr compared Covid-19 quarantine to slavery, Democratic Rep. James Clyburn called that comment "one of the most ridiculous, tone-dear, godawful things" he's ever heard. Aired on 09/17/2020.
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Clyburn Torches Barr For Comparing Covid-19 Quarantine To Slavery | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. The chief law enforcement officer is a racist criminal. He failed the first time he was AG and he’s failing yet again the second time around.

    1. @Jai Si I know Jai. Because it will take some time to get the right fit the other CHUMP will have to wait his turn because not only is over weight his bed will have to be shortend because of his his height so that he can spend uncomfortable nights for the rest of his life because he has made the lives of so many Americans uncomfortable

    2. @Tony Samuels Beautiful picture you paint here. I’d like to see Barr tried, convicted of treason and hung, his fat neck couldn’t hold him so it’d be a decapitation!! Just in time for Halloween!!!

    3. he has always been a low life like trump pledged his life to his baby lover trump my baby aginst all even aginst god and gods truth yes trump baby lover only dirty filthy man

    1. add his degree removed to he has always been this way this was trumps choice to replace roy cohewen that left idot trump for being a idot loser of a billion dollars this is why trump goes offshore for his moneyte red livne ducha and china owes saudia money

    1. @Natty Bumppo lol so i guess the 2500 former justice officials (both democrat and republican) who demanded barr’s resignation are also delusional?

    2. @Emeraldforest Good One!! I think natty’s statement was just her daily mantra, for when she finds herself in front of a mirror… (Adding the Dem part is projection, by the way).

    3. @Natty Bumppo You really are stupid! You’re on a left leaning site whining that the people on here don’t support your egomaniacal, sociopathic coward-in-chief. You’re pitiful.

    4. @Mralsfan6 s I pity the fact that your ignorance is so pervasive. You are a lost cause and a pathetic loser. Go join your Communist buddies—maybe you will be the one that ends up in a Gulag.

    1. @Dozo G Barr is an educated fool. He also proves that having a degree is actually dangerous in the wrong hands. Barr misuses what he knows to harm the American people.

  2. Well Barr works for Trump so we already know that everything Trump, his administration and cult members all are big liars and ALWAYS saying something ignorant, dumb, and racist

    1. Waryaa Wariiri once again, I agree with your premise. I’m just saying that people mistakenly calling it an administration rather than a regime is clearly not the biggest problem facing us right now. Seems like a waste of energy and a bit of friendly fire, in my humble opinion. Cheers.

    2. Corn pop was a bad dude, he ran some bad boys. We hold these truths to be selfville evident that all men and women are uh created ah but you know, the thing

    1. @John Manning For what?? You think people will vote for a candidate that can’t even use a teleprompter? He is senile and a crook. On the take from Chi Comms.

    2. @Valerie Galvan I could probably describe it, but can you? You didn’t tell me what it is. You are nothing more than a left wing propagandist. How is Trump dividing our nation? You just don’t get it do you?

    3. G Bereterbide in reference to Natty Bumppo – if you delete your comment Natties comment will go away – I made a comment and got some of the same response – I deleted my comment and therefore Natties comment goes away – this is the way delete them out and VOTE them OUT!!! and most IMPORTANT do NOT reply to the Natties of the world.

  3. Bill Barr is as CRAZY as trump. I never felt more in danger of my right’s as a citizen since this two incompetents being in office. Trump and Bill Barr are a disgrace to our country.

    1. @John Henry Holiday308 He most absolutely did. And this isn’t the first time a Republican tried to use slavery to make an asinine argument. Like comparing Obamacare to slavery.

    1. as soon as january when out we get the crimes comission going then we get akl decieters and inhumane haters out

  4. America is under attack by authoritarians. Careful America the current administration have zero tolerance for truth and history.

    1. no barr choses this way its all bill barrs corrupt intrnt to decieve aginst god truth this is his choice decietr of god truth hating god

    2. wysetech2000 It’s not about if covid is real or not, or if our freedom is involved, or if the mask even works or not, it’s about governments and police using it as an excuse to push more laws and have more freedom to put you in a cell, fine, arrest you and have more control over your life.You think when this is over they will magically make all the extra police powers they gained go away? I know for a fact all you pro maskers where at one point thinking “I’d never put a stupid mask on” but since the MSM has deemed it the “new normal” witch BTW it’s not normal to have children fear air and their surroundings and have to wear a muzzle. The mask is a test for the vaccine can’t buy or sell without a mask. It’s so obvious that it’s all a huge hoax, it’s good to see people act to stop this madness. And before you call me a cOnSpIrAcY ThEoRiSt I know lots of people who’ve had a corona virus.It’s called a flu.Anyone who has to say “conspiracy theories” is too afraid of what they’ll find out if they do a little digging themselves or is simply trying to steer you away from the truth. So watch out for those people. If there was a real pandemic there wouldn’t be rigged test results, false positives, and dancing nurses on tik tok. Be safe everyone don’t wear a muzzle out you’re just helping them push more agendas

    1. @Greg Bryant he doesn’t even know. He’s just a trained trumpanzee trying to earn his opioid flavored bananas for the day.

  5. There isn’t a “national lockdown” in the US though,maybe, if like civilised countries,you had done this when everyone else had…you wouldn’t have 200,000 Americans dead.

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