CN Rail shutdown threatens Canada’s place as country for safe investment warns chemical industry

Lobbyist Bob Masterson says that the anti-pipeline protests are threatening Canada's position as a safe country for investment.


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    1. Neil Peters there’s a potential here for both personal and property damage.

      That makes it both a security and economic issue.

    1. ​@A CB Absolutely not. Unceded land is a question of title (ownership), not sovereignty of which there is only one in all of Canada (QEII as the Governor General). As far as the final arbiter of law, the SCC is concerned, Canadian federal and provincial law applies to ceded and unceded territories.

    2. @M E H Oh one last thing, the Hereditary Chiefs are Chiefs, they are heads of government, in what alternate reality is that not sovereign?

    3. @Cheryl Imeson even if they are sovereign, don’t you think that canada should uphold it’s treaties and agreements? It’s a complicated issue, but you can at least understand standing by deals that have been made.

    4. @Colby they probably have. Ultimately Canadians have the right to protest, and they don’t need to wait for every chief to sign off on it any more than you need your coworkers’ agreement to go to a protest.

    1. @Jimmy See if you think about it, a vote of non confidence wouldn’t even hurt liberals. Conservatives don’t have a leader and can’t afford another election, and with cpc around liberals might win a majority again just because everyone would be pissed about another election so quickly. I’m not sure what this “patriot” is after aside from destabilizing our government.

  1. As our fearful “leader” licks the boot heels of the 3rd world attempting to scratch more power together for himself. Hope he takes his time. While he’s not looking Canadians might be able to take back their country!

    1. @Victoria Alvarez we can go around the reserve if we can not come to a agreement,it may cost more but liberals give 10 million to African country 50 million to MasterCard and hide behind the rule of law and force police and protesters to clash,dividing Canadians, TRUDEAU is a goof

  2. Time for Trudeau to put on his big boy pants on and have the laws ENFORCED , NO Justin-ifcation for non action , This needs to end Clear the tracks and roads and keep them clear

    1. @Neil Peters My father who passed in 2018 at 94 years old was a veteran of WW2 , He fought proudly for Canada He fought for our freedom and the rule of law . Unauthorised trespassing on rail property is against the law period .. Peaceful protest without breaking the law , that freedom is what my father fought for How dare you Nice youtube channel did you join just so you could make stupid comments

  3. These trains deliver goods and food and keep the economy moving. CN’s refusal to run their trains because of the blockades mean cost increases to food and goods for most Canadians. *_We need to urgently get rid of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals who love to enable the destruction of Canada and it’s Economy!_*

    1. Wait until the chemicals for major municipal water treatment plants across Canada are delayed or absent because the rails are blocked
      Think about for a minute

    2. @Neil Peters Deal with it Neil
      Or maybe you would rather see censorship of anyone who does not agree with you ?

  4. Trudeau doesn’t believe the law applies to him, they are just following his lead…. WE NEED TO GET RID OF TRUDEAU !!!

  5. JUSTIN Trudeau is busy schmoozing the corrupt governments of the continent of Africa to participate in governing CANADA.

  6. The law enforcement sides with the protesters and protects them. is it going to take loss of life or lives to straighten things out. Do they want to shut the country down to the point of a total collapse and new government that is a dictatorship,then everyone is screwed including the protesters.

  7. Hopefully the Government drags their feet for a long time dealing with this. The more Canadian’s it effects the more their cause loses support as will support for the government be eroded.

  8. The Liberal echo plans are comming home to roost. Whoever voted for the current government should be ashamed of themselves

  9. Is this still a nation of laws if governments refuse to enforce them? This is a constitutional crisis and civil society crisis in the making.

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