CNN analyst reacts to Kemp’s words about Trump

Ahead of the GOP primaries in Georgia and Alabama, some candidates are benefiting from standing up against former President Donald Trump. CNN political commentator Scott Jennings explains why. #CNN #News


  1. Some of these comments blaming Biden are as STUPID as … We’ll as Drumf says: My POORLY educated supporters LoL
    PS; Into not pleased with Biden. Absolutely NOT!!!!
    But better than Drumf. Apple cider vs vinegar 😝

    1. @Ray Bin unknown to me “brittons” on Facebook in 2020 Told to me : “i em entitled to have en opinion” .

  2. Brian Kemp is going to win hands down against Donald Trump’s hand-picked guy David Perdue. In my opinion, I think Stacey Abrams is better fit for Georgia than both of them, but I digress.

    1. @Horatio Caine hard left and liberal are totally different things. On the spectrum, being liberal is centrist/right now being they’re pro freedom of speech. The hard left is totally against freedom of speech

    1. @dave mitchell “Let’s be honest about how dishonest we are”? OK, you go right ahead.

  3. He’s not mad at Trump for trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power from one presidential administration to the next administration. The Rs keep telling us who they are.

    1. I’m glad Trump lost …Biden had to step in to fix everything. Loving spending more for stuff .. especially the poor getting poorer. they need to eat less anyways

  4. I miss the days when the GOP were centre right with moderates like John McCain.Those days are gone unfortunately.

    1. @adonna price I was interested in credible analysis not merely the conspiracy theory rubbish which most Google searches generate

    2. John Mcain was not moderate. Consider that you may have been condition to believe certain things.

  5. The term ‘king maker’ plays right into trump’s ego. Perhaps if the people in the media would stop using that term, his ego wouldn’t be the size of Texas.

  6. If you can challenge a king maker, and it can be replicated that means he lost his kingmaker status

    1. @William Gum dont even engage… poor attempts at red herrings and strawman tactics, is all they have left now.

  7. The fact that Trump could even be considered a “kingmaker” shows just how far America’s politics have deteriorated.

    1. @George Washington democrats named him the maga king and he went along with it . He’s not acting like a king lmao he’s running along with the best meme of all time 🀣

    2. @Kraevin Moorehed idk what you’re talking about you must have selective hearing/dementia.

    3. @George Washington Biden specifically called trump the great maga king . It was the best moment of all time for political mess ups . Biden gave him ultra maga as well…… awesome lol it was funny . I don’t like trump either . He’s causing the division. He should drop out of politics all together

  8. Lmao! Yeah, a β€œkingmaker” who pulls his endorsements every time his guy loses.

    1. Yes , indeed , on behalf of my country Serbia , i deny , we committed genocide in Srebrenica neither in Kossova !

  9. “King maker status”?? Dumpster has a touch of doom, very few of his picks win because they are picked on how well they massage Dumpy’s ego.

  10. Crusty remember, he closed the parks,but he went to the beach with family on the holidayπŸ˜‚

  11. i think i heard you say that kemp beat stacey abrams. you know that he stole the seat right out from under her. what benefit is there for you to lie about what happened there? oh, wait. it’s all you would know to do.

  12. Way past time to stop caring about what 45 thinks. The sooner he’s relegated to history the better for all of us.

  13. Kemp was careful not to link himself to, or distance himself from, Trump. It’s pathetic really that they just can’t come out and say what they think about Trump. I don’t see a whole lot of “authenticity” here.

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