CNN anchor challenges Trump ally on conspiracies about indictment

CNN’s Pamela Brown speaks with Mike Davis, founder and president of Article III project and an ally of former President Donald Trump, about Trump’s arrest and arraignment. #CNN #News


  1. I’m pretty sure the guy that publicly called for the US Constitution to be suspended has no respect for the rule of law.

  2. None of these type of people had a problem when trump brought cases before judges he literally had seated on the bench. It’s almost as if they’re disingenuous. 🤣👍

  3. The judge should recuse himself/ What about the judges he appointed to the SJC? Or Ginny’s action. Let’s apply this principle aross the board.

  4. Suggesting and implying the Judge is corrupt incites violence and causes civil distrust in the judicial system.

    1. @Blanco then you present your evidence and argue your case otherwise it’s just inflammatory rhetoric

    1. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat ‘Cept for when they’re right. In which case they just sorta whistle and turn there heads going, “oh, who coulda seen this coming.”

  5. 1 question the anchor should have asked

    “Can all this be your defense argument in the court room?”

  6. This how Dateline should’ve done their interview with MTG. As soon as they start with the BS, call them out on it. Letting these conspiracy theorists babble on with nonsense without any pushback or fact checking just furthers their agenda.

  7. The anchor did an excellent job reining this guest in and bringing him back to her questions. One thing I wish she had said is: Let’s imagine you’re inside the courtroom and not on the courthouse steps, what is your fact-based demonstrable evidence?

    1. She should have said: “you claim that 95% of the jury pool are trump haters. In a trial, the defense and prosecutors both get to strike down potential jurors. Most competent law people will tell you that a trial is almost always won or lost during jury selection. Are you not competent enough to pick 6 jurors that would be more favorable to your client?”
      That should have shut him up.

    2. @zenlandzipline why would you even take it that far when you have a massive odds in getting it dismissed??? if you ever have to go to court, trust me, listen to your lawyer……..

  8. She needed to push back harder. She had the receipts. She did ok, but c’mon talk about the stuff he’s obviously uncomfortable with, don’t just shoehorn every question to make time.

    1. Mind Begs the Question:
      Hitler – Jews unsafe to German Values,Identity
      If Trump/Politicians – Muslims unsafe to Western Values,Identity
      Following on footsteps of Hitler,Neo Nazi,no?

  9. the judge sent the CFO to rikers because he was involved in financial crimes, not because “he hates trump”

  10. Kudos to Pamela Brown for staying on course every time this guy tried to steer away from the question.

    1. also if you look at her eyes, you can deff see that she is reading what to ask on the spot as someone is changing the script on the screen and then jumps right after he told her to fact check 6:34

    2. @pLayC i think she is looking at the guest on another screen…. her notes are in front of her and if there was an issue, she would hear it in her earpiece.

    3. Actually when she was trying to get him on Trump still calling Bragg’s family Trump hating, he circled around by suggesting maybe it’s true, she bit and he got away.

    1. Mind Begs the Question:
      If in a Nation
      War Criminal Presidents roam free
      War opposing President on Trial
      Justice System,Kangaroo Court?

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