CNN anchor worked at Fox for 16 years. Hear why she thinks Fox got out of Dominion lawsuit easy

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota, who previously worked at Fox News for 16 years, weighs in on the settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems, explaining why she thinks Fox received the "best outcome" it could have hoped for. #CNN #News


  1. Fox getting off with “we acknowledge that the judge said …” rather than “we admit …” ticks me off bigly.

    1. @matt. If Dominion couldn’t win, why is Fox paying out that record payment on a case they would’ve won? Perhaps Fox should hire you as their attorney.

    2. Tell me something, which politician ( republican, democrat, independent or other ),
      news reporter, president, CEO, governor, mayor ( the list goes on ) admits to lying?.
      For starters, we could start with Donald AND Hillary AND Bill. What a shame!.

  2. Smartmatic we’re looking at you now to do the right thing and don’t settle. Let it go to trial, so they go under oath and be held accountable for the lies they helped spread and have to address their viewers to an apology because many of their viewers only get their news from the horses mouth. There are more important things then a cash reward, which your still gonna get if you win your case anyways, which is very high based off the Dominion settlement agreement.

    1. ​@Y{Ditto} Dominion is an American company and Smartmatic is Canadian. It takes seconds to look that up

  3. Hopefully Smartmatic will not do the same thing and I hate to say it that this ends up hurting Dominion in the long run, they didn’t go to trial to have it officially on record what Fox did and said. They went for the quick buck instead of holding Fox accountable by going to trial and receiving a settlement. Now it just looks like they took a payoff and Fox viewers will never know what happened because Fox will just spin the story in their favor.

    1. ​@Spodap Depends. They believe anything fox says. If fox had to, over the course of months, continue to admit guilt, they would eventually believe it. Call it deprogramming.

    2. @Susan Caldwell And people will do anything for money. People are horrible when they have a lot of money , which is a lot of power. The richest families in this country see the rest of us like animals.

  4. 0:12 Someone really needs to make a compliation of this woman’s time at Fox. She has gotten away with sweeping so much of her true belifes under the rug.

  5. This was the first show since the settlement where it was laid out the way it is. It’s a win for Fox. They continue with their garbage, their viewers are not even aware of the lawsuit or the settlement. Sure , Dominion got their money but they actually suffered reputational damage of a different kind that will be impossible to repair.

    This was an absolute tragedy for US voters.

  6. It’s disgusting that Fox News didn’t even have to make a retraction. I see retractions in the New York Times and the Washington post all the time. When they make a mistake they have to acknowledge it and make a correction. Why isn’t Fox News held to the same standard?

  7. When you have a justice system that allows one to buy them self out of accountability, this is what you get.

    1. I hope your comment applies to CNN also. They were allowed to avoid accountability for lying about Nick Sandmann.

    2. The old Indian guy could have “Stood his Ground” and shot Sandman and those thugs for blocking his path!!!!

  8. The problem is their fan base doesn’t care if it’s true or not. They will believe it because Fox said it. It won’t damage their credibility, not even a little.

  9. It’s unfathomable to think that having to pay out $787.5M is a win, but here we are. Hopefully SmartMatic will go through with their trial over settling. And those Dominion lawyers did say they have more suits coming against individuals. If we can’t get them to admit openly they lied, at least take a crap-ton of their money to disincentivize them from doing so in the future.

    1. @Rafael Miranda From Fox’s perspective it is a win. They didn’t have to endure an embarrassing trial where their own words would be used against them. That’s why Rupert was willing to part with nearly a billion.

    1. ​@Rings Montgomery “yeah”, just like rump “learned his lesson” after his first impeachment!

  10. Unfortunately, I think this was a good move on Dominion’s part. This is just the first lawsuit. If there are others, there is an increasing chance that they will have to admit guilt. Dominion, IMHO, was trying to see the big picture.

  11. I don’t think it would have mattered if FOX apologized on air. There viewers don’t care.

    The good thing is their viewers who are younger will eventually come across this settlement on YT. All the transcripts are available for people to see it. They can’t escape this embarrassment no matter how they try to hide.

    This settlement is not a touchdown but it move the ball forward.

  12. Exactly my problem with it all. All the way along I was hoping and praying for Fox to have to put an apology out every half hour every day for a year saying, “we lied. and here is what we lied about.” I can only hope now that SmartMatic shoots for the moon.

    1. They are a business. In business to make money. Being truthful isn’t at the top of their priorities.

  13. Wish they had to run apologies every hours for at least a month so that their audience can hear it from them they lied.

  14. The fact that it took her 16 years to come to the understanding the Fox wasn’t the place to work speaks volumes about her integrity.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Could she not have jumped ship earlier to another network? Some of these cable TV journalists shed their skins more easily than the average reptile 🐍

  15. Absolutely. “We lied on purpose. We lied because we think you’re too stupid to figure it out.”

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